05 Apr

Major benefits of VPS hosting over traditional shared hosting solutions

Are you on Shared hosting services with restrictions?

Are you looking for more power and flexibility with your web hosting service?

Are you not allowed to do custom configurations or installation of specific software or service?

If answer to any of the above questions is a “Yes”, you should consider VPS hosting services that comes with administrator or root access to the server for detailed configuration along with more scalability feature.

VPS hosting solution is an ideal alternative of dedicated servers. The resources on a virtual private server hosting platform are distributed amongst a set of users in unique way that provides dedicated resources at low cost compared to dedicated servers – this allows you to gain best performance of your server at cheaper rates (like dedicated server).

The VPS Hosting plans are best for all medium-sized enterprises or for large e-commerce websites.

You should consider VPS Hosting if you need any of the below features:

•             Low website loading speed (fast website access).

•             Requirement of root access or administrator rdp access of web server.

•             Running a website with medium web traffic.

•             Requirement of more power for your web server or database server.

•             Requirement of uninterrupted accessibility of website and not have your website affected by other websites on same server.

•             Requirement of a flexible and scalable server (increase or decrease resources whenever required).

•             Requirement of having an isolated environment which is not shared with any other customer.

Moving to VPS Hosting from shared hosting

The low rates and potentiality of VPS inspires various businesses to consider VPS servers. This saves the man-power, time and cost of the firm. As with several restrictive nature of shared hosting, there is no much need of server observation and management with VPS. License installation or software upgrading task is easily handled by VPS as it comes with complete root access. You can enjoy all the benefits of ultimate web performance, scalability, powerful control panel and more with VPS.

VPS is a ver cost-effective web hosting service available in current market. Adopting VPS as the hosting solutions is helping the growth of the capital for companies. Every penny spending is giving fruitful results for the business. More and more businesses are moving the web application to VPS so that they can capture all benefits of VPS hosting and its functionality.

We at Softsys Hosting offers premium VPS hosting plans for you to switch over from shared hosting. Whether they are based on Linux or Windows or Cloud. We feel proud to announce our VPS Hosting plans from Softsys Hosting, your one stop hosting solution provider.

Softsys Window VPS: Affordable Windows VPS with Hyper-V Technology, available with managed or self-managed service level

Softsys Linux VPS: SSD Linux VPS Hosting Plans Powered by KVM virtualization infrastructure, available with or without cPanel.

Softsys Cloud VPS: Build Your Own Cloud VPS as per your resource requirements. Completely scalable and redundant!

18 Dec

Key Differences Between VPS and Dedicated Servers

We all want the best hosting servers for our projects, and there are two of the most reliable hosting solutions are VPS and Dedicated server. However there are number of reasons why one should opt for dedicated server instead of a VPS, six of which are listed below:

Maximum Security

In this era of advanced technology people tend to run their businesses more on virtual platforms. Therefore in order to facilitate their business dealing these virtual hosting servers were developed. These virtual hosting servers are shared by many different entities and they carry sensitive data of individual entities. Therefore the security factor of these hosting servers is of great concern for all the users of these virtual shared hosting servers. Now dedicated servers ensure maximum security to one’s data and is highly reliable in that regard.

Consistent Performance

In case of VPS servers, people can find inconsistency in the performance of their servers. These servers sometimes provide services that let them use the maximum capabilities of their CPU and at others they just fail to meet the requirements. It is observed that the performance of VPS servers is inconsistent throughout the day. However in case of dedicated hosting servers it is guaranteed that the maximum CPU resources are available at anytime, whenever the service is being approached.

Enhanced Personalization

In case of VPS, you only get specified range of configurations, with no options to upgrade, they come with prepackaged options. Smart servers, on the other hand, are flexible and their packages come with a wide range of upgrading options. In smart servers you can increase your RAM and can upgrade your server that includes upgrading of CPU and Disk space. No matter whatever the package you start with you can do these upgrading without reinstalling of the whole system. This easy migration option no doubt makes smart server a better option.

Genuine Hardware

In case of VPS, the user remains uninformed of the hardware used for the server. Whereas in case of dedicated server the user is well informed of the hardware the system is built on. It informs the user if the CPU is Intel, Disks are Western Digital and RAM is of some major brand like Kingston, Crucial or Corsair, etc, and motherboards are Super Micro.

User Friendly

Dedicated servers are user friendly. They allow user maximum control over the system virtually as well as physically. In dedicated servers, custom built control centre is there. This is a unique management GUI that offers maximum control over hardware and network configurations. It helps you perform remote reboot virtually if required under any circumstances. Dedicated servers can be configured to use R1Soft backup software and cPanel WHM control panel to enhance flexibility and data security.

Cost Effectiveness

There is not much difference in the prices of the VPS and the dedicated servers, however the main difference is the value delivered by the two systems. No doubt dedicated smart servers delivers more value with better features and flexibility, and this is the main thing that makes dedicated servers more cost effective than VPS.

But whatever of the above mentioned solutions you find the most suitable for your online business performance, rest assured to get premium quality self-managed dedicated server plans, fully managed dedicated hosting solutions or managed and unmanaged VPS online at Softsys Hosting.

21 Apr

Launch of new locations in EU and Asia for Windows VPS and Dedicated Servers

I’m happy to announce launch of two new locations today – Amsterdam, NL (EU) and Singapore (Asia) for Windows VPS & Dedicated Servers Hosting. These new locations will help in catering to customers in EU and Asia by allowing them to have faster access to the server and websites due to low latency and thus super fast access to your websites and applications. We will be using data center services of SoftLayer, an IBM company which is enterprise class, fully secured and certified SSAE 16 SOC II Type II facility. All of the servers will be powered by proprietary SoftLayer network with multiple 1Gbps uplinks to each server. Initially, we will be offering Windows VPS powered with Hyper-V virtualization technology and dedicated servers from these new locations.

Each of the servers in these new locations is privately connected through a completely separate private network of minimum 20Gbps connectivity. We also plan to provide geo-redundant solution in future so that data / services can be replicated across different parts of the world in near real time basis using this solid private network.

Currently, we’re having 11k+ customers around the world and we provide 24×7 support, which is completely in house and not outsourced. We will also offer full management solution for servers in these locations so that you need not worry about day-to-day management tasks and remain assured that your server/website is in safe hands. Apart from these, all servers / services are fully scalable as per customers requirement and they will be able to grow seamlessly with these services.

To learn and order Windows VPS in these new locations, you can visit http://www.softsyshosting.com/windows-vps.aspx and dedicated server plans at http://www.softsyshosting.com/dedicated-servers-hosting.aspx

Thank you!

Ruchir Shastri
President – Softsys Hosting


06 Mar

Microsoft Azure Vs. Softsys Hosting Windows VPS – Who Wins?


We routinely keep a check and compare on how are we doing with regards to comparative services offered by our competitors so that we can provide the best service for our customers. We had a chance to test Microsoft Azure Virtual Machine On Hyper-V With Windows Server 2012 R2 OS as it is being advertised / promoted hugely. However, the results that we had from various parametric tests were not so impressive when considering high price that they’re charging. We have compared these specs with our own Softsys Windows VPS products (again running on Hyper-V With Windows Server 2012 R2 OS). Below is brief summary of comparison test:


Plans / Specs Under Comparison:

Microsoft Azure Small VM (1 CPU @1.6GHz + 1.75GB RAM + Unknown Storage + GigaBit Connectivity) – $66.96/m (Ref: http://www.windowsazure.com/en-us/pricing/calculator/?scenario=virtual-machines)

Softsys ECO 2 VPS (2 CPU @2.0GHz ea Min + 2.00GB RAM + RAID 10 SAS Storage + GigaBit Connectivity) – $29.95/m (Ref: http://www.softsyshosting.com/windows-vps.aspx)

Softsys SSDV2 VPS (2 CPU @2.0GHz ea Min + 2.00GB RAM + Pure RAID 10 SSD Storage + GigaBit Connectivity) – $39.95/m (Ref: http://www.softsyshosting.com/ssd-windows-vps.aspx)


CPU Processing

Microsoft Azure Uses AMD 4171HE Processor and as per the specification on website, you are provided with 1.6GHz of processing power. Upon checking the task manager, CPU processing was spiking continuously at 100% on a fresh OS that was installed with no custom software / components installed yet. Below is the screen shot of task manager of Azure VM:

Softsys Uses Dual AMD 6100/6200/6300 or Dual Intel Xeon 2600 series enterprise processors which are very fast. These processors have core speed of 2.0 – 2.8GHz which is more than enough for most of the high processing apps. The plans in comparison (SSDV2 and ECO2) have 2 CPU Cores available. Below is screen shot of task manager from one of these Softsys Windows VM:

CPU Summary: Softsys VM’s have more than double the CPU power compared to Microsoft Azure VM of comparable specification.


RAM Allocation

There has been no mention of type of RAM used by Microsoft on host machines running Azure VM’s – however, it is safe to assume that it would be DDR3 ECC REG modules which the same that we use (1600MHz).

Total RAM allocation on Azure Small VM is 1.75GB whereas Softsys ECO 2 or SSDV2 Plan has 2.00GB Dedicated RAM allocated to it.

RAM Summary: Type of RAM used is same but Softsys Provides 12.50% more RAM to VPS than MS Azure


Disk I/O and Disk Throughput

This is something very critical for optimal performance of Virtual Machines and is rarely mentioned by providers on their websites. Azure Virtual Machine had shockingly low disk throughput which is far below than industry standard. There has been no mention of type of storage used by Azure VM’s anywhere but terribly low disk I/O is something that degrades the performance of VM massively (even though if you have high amount of RAM / CPU unused).

Test through DiskTT on Azure VM showed up with below results:

Sequential Write: 11.2MB per second
Sequential Read: 21.8MB per second
Random Access: 322.6MB per second



We performed same test on Softsys ECO 2 VM with below results:

Sequential Write: 304.9MB per second
Sequential Read: 133.3MB per second
Random Access: 173.0MB per second



Disk Throughput Test On Softsys SSDV2 Pure SSD VM gave fantastic results as below:

Sequential Write: 917.4MB per second
Sequential Read: 1587.3MB per second
Random Access: 666.7MB per second


Disk IO Summary: Our tests have shown that Azure has terribly low Sequential Read / Write speeds which affects performance of VM massively compared to Amazing Disk IO throughput on Softsys Virtual Machines using SAS and Pure SSD Storage (both in RAID 10)


Public Connectivity

Our speed test results showed that MS Azure uses GigaBit connectivity which is the same as what we use on our ECO and SSD VM’s.



MS Azure Small VM with 1 CPU @1.6GHz + 1.75GB RAM is priced at $66.96/m (http://www.windowsazure.com/en-us/pricing/calculator/?scenario=virtual-machines)

Softsys ECO 2 VM (SAS Storage) with 2 CPU’s @2.0GHz ea + 2.00GB RAM is priced at $29.95/m (http://www.softsyshosting.com/windows-vps.aspx)

Softsys SSDV2 VM (Pure SSD Storage) with 2 CPU’s @2.0GHz ea + 2.00GB RAM is priced at $39.95/m (http://www.softsyshosting.com/ssd-windows-vps.aspx)


Final Word

Softsys ECO2 or SSDV2 Virtual machines are More Powerful with more than 2 Times CPU Power, 12.50% More RAM and Up to 900MB/sec More Disk IO Than Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines. Additionally, Softsys VPS’ cost Up To 55% Less Than Azure Virtual Machine Of comparable specs.