05 Apr

Major benefits of VPS hosting over traditional shared hosting solutions

Are you on Shared hosting services with restrictions?

Are you looking for more power and flexibility with your web hosting service?

Are you not allowed to do custom configurations or installation of specific software or service?

If answer to any of the above questions is a “Yes”, you should consider VPS hosting services that comes with administrator or root access to the server for detailed configuration along with more scalability feature.

VPS hosting solution is an ideal alternative of dedicated servers. The resources on a virtual private server hosting platform are distributed amongst a set of users in unique way that provides dedicated resources at low cost compared to dedicated servers – this allows you to gain best performance of your server at cheaper rates (like dedicated server).

The VPS Hosting plans are best for all medium-sized enterprises or for large e-commerce websites.

You should consider VPS Hosting if you need any of the below features:

•             Low website loading speed (fast website access).

•             Requirement of root access or administrator rdp access of web server.

•             Running a website with medium web traffic.

•             Requirement of more power for your web server or database server.

•             Requirement of uninterrupted accessibility of website and not have your website affected by other websites on same server.

•             Requirement of a flexible and scalable server (increase or decrease resources whenever required).

•             Requirement of having an isolated environment which is not shared with any other customer.

Moving to VPS Hosting from shared hosting

The low rates and potentiality of VPS inspires various businesses to consider VPS servers. This saves the man-power, time and cost of the firm. As with several restrictive nature of shared hosting, there is no much need of server observation and management with VPS. License installation or software upgrading task is easily handled by VPS as it comes with complete root access. You can enjoy all the benefits of ultimate web performance, scalability, powerful control panel and more with VPS.

VPS is a ver cost-effective web hosting service available in current market. Adopting VPS as the hosting solutions is helping the growth of the capital for companies. Every penny spending is giving fruitful results for the business. More and more businesses are moving the web application to VPS so that they can capture all benefits of VPS hosting and its functionality.

We at Softsys Hosting offers premium VPS hosting plans for you to switch over from shared hosting. Whether they are based on Linux or Windows or Cloud. We feel proud to announce our VPS Hosting plans from Softsys Hosting, your one stop hosting solution provider.

Softsys Window VPS: Affordable Windows VPS with Hyper-V Technology, available with managed or self-managed service level

Softsys Linux VPS: SSD Linux VPS Hosting Plans Powered by KVM virtualization infrastructure, available with or without cPanel.

Softsys Cloud VPS: Build Your Own Cloud VPS as per your resource requirements. Completely scalable and redundant!

20 May

Best Hosting Solutions Infographic – Grab the offer BELOW!

Here we present the Infographics of Softsys Hosting for a quick overview of our Services, Features, Datacenters, Portfolio and more!

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Who are we?

Softsys Hosting is latest World Class Web Solutions provider in the web hosting market today. We have a wide selection of web hosting services from shared, VPS (Windows, Linux and Cloud) to dedicated hosting packages with excellent techsupport team serving 24/7/365. We can also help with you with a customized web hosting plan based on your specific requirements at very reasonable rates for you! Learn more

What are the major features of Softsys Hosting?

  • 24*7 Available: We are available 24/7/365 to help you our best, Your queries are responded to at a lightning speed.
  • 100% owned Infrastructure: Softsys’s infrastructure provides unsurpassed levels of performance to satisfy your website, data and email needs with the latest technologies and equipment at our Datacenters, advanced levels of security and a 24×7 team of on-site dedicated professionals.
  • Latest Service Offerings:  We are adapting ourselves with all the new services and features in the current web hosting market. As it is beneficial, Softsys Hosting provides all the latest technology advancements to our customers quickly.
  • 100% Enterprise Class Setup:  We maintain a fully redundant, enterprise class network, end to end. Our network is powered by a pair of redundant Juniper M5 routers and Cisco 6500 series switches. All of the edge and core equipment is interconnected in a full network mesh to provide maximum redundancy and scalability. Internally, our network operates at 2 Gb/sec. We have proper facility to keep our resources working best to avoid any kind of Server crash.
  • Top Class Customer Service:  Our extremely knowledgeable and responsive Support Representatives are available for support 24/7/365 so answers are given promptly and accurately.

What Web Hosting Services Softsys Hosting use to offer?

  • Virtual Private Server
  • Windows VPS Hosting
  • Linux VPS Hosting
  • Cloud Servers
  • Dedicated Servers
  • Windows Shared Hosting
  • Windows Reseller Hosting

Where are our Datacenters located?

  • Chicago, USA
  • Denver, USA
  • Amsterdam and Singapore

Currently we are offering Windows VPS Services from our Datacenters in Amsterdam and Singapore. Soon we will be launching Dedicated Servers hosting! Stay in Touch

Our Datacenters Features

  • Power – Generator and UPS backed Power with 100% Power Uptime
  • Cooling – Redundant N+1 Cooling Setup with 100% Cooling Uptime
  • Security – Fully Secured with multiple layers of security
  • Best Connectivity – 10+ Premium Uplinks carriers the best connectivity around the world
  • Certified & Secure Data Center – SSAE 16 SOC II Type II Certified Data Centers

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Softsys Hosting Portfolio

  • Range of Services with ability to seamlessly
  • Operating Since 2006
  • Over 11,000+ Clients from around the world
  • Catering to personal, small/medium/large Business Organizations along with government organizations
Softsys Hosting Overview Infographics

Softsys Hosting Overview Infographics


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