17 Aug

How To Encourage Clients To Spend More Online?

Last Updated on August 17, 2022 by Yasmin Estupinian


There’s nothing worse than a client who doesn’t want to spend money online. When they do, however, it can be a great way to increase sales and build loyalty by creating positive experience with your brand.

Understand the psychology

Understanding the psychology of your customers is important. It’s a good start, but knowing what motivates them can help you encourage to spend more online.

You can get to know your customers better by asking questions about their lives and listening closely as they talk about themselves and their experience. You might even try some simple experiments like sending out surveys or asking people to fill out an anonymous survey using Google Forms (or something similar). So they feel their opinion matters and is important for your business.

Offer free shipping

Free shipping is a great way to encourage online spending. It can be an important factor when you’re trying to sell your product and attract new customers, especially if it’s something that would normally cost money.

When offering free shipping, you should consider how long the buyer has to wait for their purchase. If they have to wait too long after placing an order, they might cancel their order or go elsewhere for it. On the other hand, if there’s no time limit on how long they have before received their items – then this can make them feel more comfortable about spending more money with you!

Use a price comparison tool

Price comparison tools allow customers to easily compare product prices. If you offer a price comparison tool, it’s important that your landing page shows the price of the product in relation to other similar products.

If possible, use a price comparison tool that is easy-to-use and read. Besides showing price is a great strategy because one of the functions of price is to communicate a quality message, therefore, it can influence the conceptual place that your brand occupies in the mind of a target consumer.

Provide accurate product photos

This is important mostly is the business is selling tangible products, so we must consider to take photos of the legit product and make sure this could be with a great resolution camera, so people don’t have surprises when getting the products.

Provide money back guarantee

One of the best ways to encourage clients to spend more online is by providing a money back guarantee. This shows that you trust your product, and it shows them that you’re confident in your customer service. It also shows them how much time and energy you put into making sure everything goes smoothly for both parties involved.

Money back guarantees are especially important when dealing with online purchases because there are no physical stores or offices where people can go when something goes wrong on one side of the transaction (such as an electronic gadget breaking down). If someone buys something from Amazon through their website, Amazon will accept returns if there’s an issue with their product but not always accept returns after sending out replacements for free under certain circumstances – which might mean losing some sales opportunities due to lost profits due to customer dissatisfaction over delayed shipping times caused by faulty merchandise.

Use social media to your advantage

Social media is a great way to get the word out about your products, but it can also be used to build trust with brand. Social media allows you to build a community around your brand and encourage spending.

For example, if you are selling a product like a book or an e-book (or even just an article), you can use social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter to promote it by sharing links or images of the book on their pages. You could also create content related specifically towards promoting this product on those same platforms (e.g., “come read our new e-book!”). This will help build familiarity with what you’re selling as well as increase awareness about its availability at all times!

However, not all clients are willing or able to spend more online due to various reasons:

They might not have enough credit cards available on their current bank account (or even any).

They may be worried about fraud or identity theft if they shop online.

They might not have access to a good internet connection at home or work so they cannot shop comfortably from their computers without experiencing slow speeds and lag times on websites during peak hours.


As a website owner, you have to be aware of how customers feel about your products. By taking a look at the psychology of your clients and giving them what they want in terms of price, shipping options and photos of the product itself, you can encourage them to spend more money with your store without being a toxic business, but a business that cares.

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15 Aug

A Few Popular Products That Will Probably Remain Trending in 2023

Last Updated on August 15, 2022 by Yasmin Estupinian

Post-Pandemic Covid-19 brought many changes in people’s lives and behavior. One of the biggest changes was the fact that we can no longer stay in public places as we used to do before this happened. So people were forced to find other ways to get around and for sure continue supporting their families and do things like work from home, because by that moment there weren’t any other options available. Hence, due to this new reality, people were trending some products that even though they’ve already existed even before the pandemic, they became much more popular for the way people acquired them to facilitate their life.

Soundproof headphones

When people were forced to start working from home, they realized that it wasn’t going to be as easy as it seemed. So when it came to the time to have a meeting or make calls with their customers, they realized that they really need a solution to reduce background noise, and also for a better understanding between each other on the line, acquiring soundproof headphones helped them to be able to have those meeting and make calls as if they were working on company office, with these headphones, all background sounds were blocked out so what’s only important is that people could be hear clearly. In addition to this, many of the soundproof models come with noise-canceling capabilities which makes them perfect for use in noisy environments such as airplanes and trains or any other public transportation. This product was so useful that it has been acquired also for people that just enjoy using it due to the noise reduction because even when family members are around during work hours this will allow not to disturb others and vice versa, so definitely this is a highly recommended product that will stay trending in 2023.

AR and VR

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality have become trending and people really love it: those products have their own reason to be. Augmented reality creates a realistic environment while virtual reality is a completely virtual experience. Even though this is something that we are still seeing changes and updates to improve it every day, this is something that is already having presence in some of our cellphones, so for sure it will have more presence in the coming years.

Wireless charging devices

This is a great and real solution for those who don’t have outlets in every room or place of work or study. Due to the advance of technology, it’s easier to travel and be away from a power supplier because we have the benefits of charging without any problem.

Office chair

We cannot omit this valuable object, this is the key where people are able to do home office work and perform their job effectively. Also office chairs give us the guarantee of working more comfortably in the long term. It also allows us to work at our desk for longer periods without getting fatigued or feeling pain for sitting in an uncomfortable place.

Online courses

Being forced to study from home was well accepted hence most schools decided to continue the modality as well because they realized this was a way to save money. It’s also worth noting that an increasing number of employers are now offering tuition reimbursement as part of their benefits package for employees who want to advance their education, but need financial help doing so.


Those are valuable products that for sure will continue being trending in 2023. The most important is to consider what is the one that can benefit us to take advantage of their great benefits. And if you need a reliable and stable IT environment, consider SoftSys Hosting and the range of reliable cloud, VPS and dedicated services we offer.

27 Jul

How To Choose A Web Designer For Your Online Project? A Few Important Steps

Last Updated on July 27, 2022 by Yasmin Estupinian

The design of any online project is the face we show online so the web designer should be an expert in the field. In other words, he/she will be the master on the project knowing everything about the same. This implies that he/she knows the terminology of the project to subject matter.

Even though there are many web designers around the world it is not as simple as hiring someone because there are some points, we should take into consideration to succeed. This should be not only beautiful but also it must stick to what we want to show about who we are.

Depending on the business type we should start doing our investigations about who will design our online project, so who we will trust to design our online face.

There are some characteristics that will allow us to recognize a good prospect, such as: industry experience, knowledge about the topic, an attractive portfolio so we can have an idea about his/her work done. Once we have clarity about this, we will also need to follow some steps, so we don’t get lost in our search.

Set realistic target

We should understand yourself what we really need, and what we want to show/demonstrate in your online project: how many products or services you would like to offer, etc. Also, we must take into consideration if in this project you will need to have any specific features on mind. If so, we also need to be open to suggestions or alternatives that other give us. Also consider if for this project you will have someone else who writes down the content or would you like this person to help you also with the SEO and other online marketing efforts.

Company or freelance

Considering if you would like to work with a company or freelance for the project is a great point to consider. There are pros and cons to work either of options: the most important is that we consider as mentioned before the portfolio, hands experience in the project we need to develop. If we decide to go with a company, we have the backup that if something happened a company will respond, and the project will continue moving forward and we will have it as agreed or at least the closest date agreed.

See portfolio

Seeing the portfolio either for the company or freelance is a great good option so we have an idea about how the work looks. However, this doesn’t mean that we will have exactly the same: for instance, we will provide our own requirements, our own features, etc., so they understand our needs and the functionality of our project.

Meeting of completed steps

Agreed since day 1 those meetings of completed scopes, so both the company/freelance and you can be on the same page and follow the process of the project, so you don’t have to complain about something that wasn’t done or completed. Also note they have to be able to go beyond your expectation, you may require something but if in the scope completed you are more than happy and excited with the result you get.

Master on design

To have someone that can be able to design our project, write the content with SEO, it great however we must take into consideration that not all the people are very good in many things. If we were looking first for the best/right designer, we can consider someone else that can give us amazing content. Unless this person or company has experience of both and has success at the same, we could go in having one person or company for the same purpose. If not, we will have to consider someone else to master the thing, he/she is missing. This means we should clarify what exactly we will be getting at the end of the project.

Updated with the latest technology

Technologies are evolving every second, so we must consider if this company/freelancer is updated with the latest changes. If not, we will have to reconsider the prospect because we want someone that can give us solutions, not more issues soon.

Fair budget

We have the right to ask for the project as we wish it should be, however we must also be willing to pay for that. We cannot ask to help us reach the start if our budget only goes to the cloud.

Understand what the background will be

There are persons that after the project is finished, they do not have idea what system they use, so now they want to do future changes, future request, or additional features to be added they do not have clarity what expert is required. So, by knowing the system and platform it will be easier to know what type of assistance and support you may require.


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25 Jul

Why Any Website Needs HTTPs Today?

Last Updated on July 25, 2022 by Yasmin Estupinian

When talking about HTTPs now, it is the same as talking about security on the web. The first thing we need is to have security all the way around. Also, we have to understand that we need to use HTTPs via SSL/TLS encryption to guarantee that we will secure the information properly.

Owning a website is a big responsibility, and when developing and deploying the website, security must have to guarantee protection of our data, our customers and partners.

To clarify, HTTPs tend to be like SSL or TLS, however those are different but must go together to work the right way.

HTTPs initials mean Hypertext Transfer Protocol and SSL Secure Sockets Layer or TLS Transport Layer Security. Thus HTTPs is just the protocol that needs to be used to provide a certificate signed by a third party.

The main question is whether it is imperative for our website? What we risk not having the one? To answer those questions there are some obvious and hidden reasons that will give us the insight.

We will check the most common reason so we can understand and be aware about every single website we visit next time.

First, we must understand what HTTP initials means, Hypertext Transfer Protocol. However, this has evolved and now the HTTPs protocol includes letter S, which gives us the guideline that is secure so the initials stated HTTPs Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure meaning for us that we can share data and the information will be 100% protected.

In other words, this is the guarantee that the website is encrypted, and your data will not be stolen. Also we can do the comparison with the most precious thing we have, which is our home. Let’s imagine that we leave the door open and decide to go on vacation. Our home will be exposed to any intruder who can enter and do whatever he wants. It may be a crude comparison, but if we have our business on the internet, what we wish is to take care of it and make it successful.

Even though it is obvious that everybody will secure their website because they really need to take care of, the reality is that there are still people who believe that even though it is important, this is not something obligatory.

We can see different scenarios which will show us why it is imperative to have HTTPs up on any website. First let’s see some obvious reasons why websites need protection.

Most of online businesses collect sensitive customers’ data and this should be stored securely to avoid any leakage.

When legit customers are on our website, there could be 2 types of pop ups

1. Secure https://ourwebsite.com

Also, if we click on those icons, we could see a message “Connection is secure”

As you can see the green padlock gives us the peace that we are browsing secure hence you can enter any information without any issues.

2. Not secure http://ourwebsite.com

As in the image above you can see this is shown in red or with a warning icon inside which leads us to ask what’s going wrong with this site?

Also, this includes messages like:

“Your connection is not secure” or “Your connection is not private” or “Your connection to this site is not secure”.

For sure we don’t want any of those messages pop up.

This topic of having HTTPs up and running is more crucial for banks, e-commerce projects and some other websites because they are gathering payments and legit information that may be leaked.

After seeing some obvious reasons for using HTTPs via SSL/TLS we can now talk about the hidden reasons that we must consider.

SEO success: Businesses invest a fortune in their marketing strategies: ads, traffic gains, etc. Many rely on Google, so a few years ago Google announced that those with HTTPs will have a better ranking. With this information in mind businesses started using HTTPs via SSL to ensure that the money invested won’t be the waste of resources and time.

Data/Information Integrity: Ensuring that the information will not be manipulated contributes to the success of our business.

Security to sensitive data: Everybody not only needs the information to be protected but also expects it to be protected in this way, the right to privacy is respected and no intruder is able to manipulate sensitive data.

Considering both obvious and hidden reasons we will conclude that we need to have HTTPs up and running no matter if we gather or save sensitive data or not.


Apply smartly all the best practices that make your website successful in the long run. Even though it requires initial investments in SSL certificate purchase, it will be worth it because we are not only protecting our customers’ data but also ensuring 100% trust in our business.

04 Jul

How To Improve Your Website Speed and What Benefits This Provides?

Last Updated on July 4, 2022 by Yasmin Estupinian

Having a website is a responsibility not only because this benefits our business but also for our customers who are willing to see our products and services online. This implies a set of actions to be taken for this to work properly.

How can we know our website has the right speed? This is quite simple: we do not need specific knowledge to validate. First, we must answer some questions ourselves to see if our website has the proper speed.

Allow one of our friends/family members to open our website and simulate they are customers, depending on their usage experience this will give us some insight on customer experience. We need to test objectively, since our love for our business may case issues.

The following question will give us more insight on our website speed:

⦁ Are we able to open the website and stay on it?  
⦁ How long?  
⦁ The pages we try to click open properly without waiting time?  
⦁ Have we changed browsers to get a better experience? 

Once you have answered those questions above, you will take appropriate actions with an expert developer so he/she can help us to improve overall speed and user experience.


We have to know everything about the images, text and scripts allowed to use and run on our website, because depending on plugins, data, images, videos, etc., we will have a better idea what to improve and what is causing us performance issues.  

Cache storage

Many people accessing the website at the very first time will cause slowness on the server, so it is recommended to include cache storage at least for general information from our website to create files that will allow it to load faster next time these people open the website. 

Minify files

In case you have a plugin installed it is important to check that those are compressed enough, with the useless information removed. By doing so that will help because even though this is unnoticed information, these unimportant things will give you impressive results. 

People will stay longer

Once people visit your website, the first impression will be how fast the pages load, it is recommended it should have a maximum of 4 seconds to load. Otherwise, people get frustrated and opt to run away. 

Conversion rate

Conversion is a key for our business success because we can measure one of the most important metrics. So, these metrics are linked to the first one because if people are running away from our website, there is no possibility of getting leads or closing sales.  

Google rank

SEO ranking is also imperative because this generates decent amount of our web traffic, hence not having web traffic or targeted visits, we will be far away from closing sales or getting leads. So having a poorly ranked website is not profitable. 

Hosting provider

The main idea of business is to make it grow so the hosting provider also matters because it should be able to scale as per your business needs without affecting online performance.  


Taking into consideration all mentioned points we can conclude that every single point is important, and a web hosting provider is a key in our website performance. Because even though we improve a website in all the ways possible if our hosting provider does not offer us an eligible service all the improvements will be in vain. SoftSys Hosting offers real speed and top-notch performance for small to corporate business projects alike.

27 Jun

A Few Useful Tips For Mobile Websites

Last Updated on June 27, 2022 by Yasmin Estupinian

Owning a website is a great option where your customers can see your products, services, etc., hence when thinking about having a mobile version it is recommended that its development, maintenance and monitoring should be adapted to the same.

Only a few years ago people were mainly using desktop computers when checking emails, browsing websites or shopping online, but now smartphones have evolved and most of online traffic is coming to mobile devices. In this article you will find a few useful tips for mobile websites. 

Create a mobile version

In most cases, people create desktop website version and then just adjust it to mobile devices. This works in some cases as people can see it in general terms however this is not recommended because this cause the content images are not sufficiently compatible with a mobile version. Depending on the type of website, people could face some issues such scrolling too much to read a paragraph, or the images could be bigger than they should be, etc. Besides studies, as shown, people do not spend too much time reading big paragraphs on their mobile: they are mostly interested in viewing images and reading short texts.

Develop each application with its master developer

Create a mobile website version first: this will allow you to adapt content and images exactly to your version so people can get the information they just need. Besides by including less text and icons this will cause less bugs to deal with and improve loading time. 

Avoid useless pop ups

Pops up are annoying when they have not a useful reason and this can affect user experience or website speed. Also, they may cause visitors abandon website if those are very often and block their search.  

Use call to action (CTA) smartly

The main idea of a call-to-action buttons is to either get sales, get leads or show valuable information, however in some cases, those can be annoying for people browsing the mobile website. Some of CTAs are difficult to skip, and when this happens people prefer to leave the mobile website causing abandoned rate increase.

Index your mobile site accordingly

We must ensure that we are indexing the mobile site accordingly so we can appear on Google search engine for mobile websites. Once the website is finished, we must create a sitemap and send it to Google, so the search engine crawler becomes aware that you exist with a mobile version.

Easy menu

Hamburger menu has become immensely popular for mobile users ☰, ≡, ㊂. This is easy to identify, so people can go directly where they want by just clicking there and choosing what they are interested in, so considering hamburger menu for any mobile website is a great option. 

Use pops up and menu button strategically

Most people use the mobile device just with one single hand, so it is very pleasant for them to browse a website being able to use just one hand. It is recommended to put buttons such as CTA and menu in the right part of the phone screen so people can use them easily.  

Short content

On mobile websites it is not recommended to put the whole text as on desktop usage. People do not spend too much time reading not only because it is more difficult since the screen is smaller, but also because when looking on mobile website people go directly to what they need, so short and concise text will guide them.

Optimize and compress images

We must do the optimization and compress images as we do on desktop websites, so we guarantee user friendliness and fast loading speed.


Test if your website is mobile friendly: in case it is not you can start taking the necessary actions to improve it and make it appropriate.  

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20 May

What Is Brand Awareness and How to Make It Work For Your Business?

Last Updated on May 20, 2022 by Yasmin Estupinian

Businesses wish more and more people become aware of their brand, their products, and the services they provide, however, this is not a magic. Brand awareness is defined in simple words as the strategy to make your business renowned. 

The strategy for brand awareness is one of the most important strategies in marketing: this is the beginning of business success because this allows people to know about the company, and allows them to recognize who you are, and what you do. So basically, this is the first steps in marketing any product.  

It is important to mention that with a brand awareness campaign we cannot expect to have big traffic to close sales or gather leads: this strategy is for just getting familiar with people who afterward will become your clients. Normally with this strategy of brand awareness, prospective clients will recall your business name, your logo, and pattern. When the time comes these people will recall you to acquire your products or services. 

How to Make It Work for Your Business?

Even though there isn’t a specific pathway to start the business awareness campaign, there is a bunch of ways depending on the business niche you are in. There are some businesses which depend only on social media presence and there are others that have a presence on websites only. This doesn’t mean that one option is better than the other, but it is because they have had results with either of options.

How to make brand awareness work for your business? It is recommended to follow the next steps to get started:


When you go to meet someone to start a friendship you start little by little. You will probably start trying to have a conversation in which you will know their name, interests, etc.. This is exactly how you should start with the brand awareness. Christmas is one of the many examples you will have. This is very important holiday in which people are more sensitive and appreciate good wishes. They won’t be having in mind to acquire a product however they will recall you when they start looking for the product you offer.

Share something about your business

Always it is mandatory to show all the unique benefits you have. When we are trying to meet someone in a relationship, you say all good comments and good vibes about you, the same happens sharing something positive or attractive about your business. It could be how the CEO or owner have achieved their success and so on. People will always look for motivation from anywhere and what a great idea if this comes from your company.

Share thoughts

Sharing professional thoughts has become a great brand awareness strategy, however this must be done within a relevant topic to attract a wide audience of prospective clients. You will be able to share posts in your social networks and make the word spread out. This will also create a positive interaction, because people will start talking about you: thus your business will be gaining trust. 

Educational topics

People has become more familiar with listening to someone else talk or watching videos of someone rather than reading or investigating on their own. So if your topics is about how people can learn something, you will facilitate their search and they will start following you. 

Here are some examples: 

⦁ If your business is related to clothes or accessories, you can provide advice about the different clothing styles and how to combine them.  
⦁ If your business is restaurant related, you can share simple recipes for people to do them at home. 
⦁ If your business is related to marketing, you can provide tips about how to create an audience, or advice to use different social networks.  
⦁ If your business is technology related, you can provide advice on how to deal with some specific bugs, or suggestions on how to handle them. 

Social network activity

Whereas not all social networks work for all businesses, most of businesses should be in social networks. Having social network presence is important because it will increase your potential customer base as 75% of the people who purchase your services or products have already seen some type of content with regard to your business in social networks. 


The idea of brand awareness will never be unreasonable if you really want to see your business grow and succeed. Keep in mind that most of the people with smartphones have 24/7 access Internet and social networks. So you can reach them with the expert opinion, share information about your business and increase brand awareness.

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16 May

How To Boost Sales and Benefit From Multichannel Selling?

Last Updated on May 16, 2022 by Yasmin Estupinian

Have you considered to have your online showcase in more than one channel and finding the ways to boost your sales? This may happen if we move from our comfort zone and evolve at the same time the Internet does.

There is a common citation which says “Don’t Put All Your Eggs in One Basket”. This phrase applies to all businesses that want to succeed. eCommerce became popular in the late 1990s, even though not everybody trusted to buy online, there have been already some people doing that. People also reinvented themselves during the COVID-19 pandemic to keep their businesses up and running and be able to survive, but how can we boost sales and benefit from multichannel selling? Will answer this question below

First, we have to consider the type of business niche we are in, whether there are brick and mortar stores or just online ones. No matter what the option you use to boost sales you will want to know how to benefit from multichannel selling.

Once you recognize the business niche you have, you will have to consider what platform will fit your needs better, even though there are bunch of multichannel options, this does not mean every single option could fit your business and boost sales.

It is important to do a market research so you can see where your target customers are looking for your products or service. This also gives guidelines to reach customers in accordance with their understanding of the product or service. We still have the old reliable option for brick and mortar stores, but even with this option, those types of businesses have looked for strategies to boost sales on multichannel options.

Let’s name some multichannel option so we can get into the matter. Physical stores, catalogs, eCommerce platforms and online marketplaces. Multichannel is important because businesses can reach the right customers and this will be the direct contact with them. Having a multichannel option is always a way of having too much work to do but this will compensate not only in profits, but also in brand awareness.

To get started with a multichannel option let’s try to also keep an eye on each channel we have so we do not miss opportunities to sell.

The first steps to consider are the following.


Are we willing to sell nationwide only or internationally as well? In the case we do it internationally, we have to take into consideration the exchange rates and competitors in the target countries, so that we can deliver pricing model accordingly.


You need to take into consideration language. It must be on universal language, as per studies the English is consider the universal one. Even though there are people not speaking English, most of the countries have acquired phrases or words that are understandable for everybody even for non-English speakers.


Monitor the product stock on each channel because we can be ready to get sales or provide a service, but if we do not provide the product or service as promised the customer will have a terrible experience and will keep in their mind we are unreliable.

There are plenty of benefits of going multichannel. Among them are:

Have a wider range of prospective clients

Customer will get into your product indirectly. They will have you in mind whenever they decide to go to a specific business. Besides, even if this is not that good for us, but customers appreciate having the option to compare you with different companies. Not everybody goes with the cheaper one: they also consider the quality and support provided.

Boost revenue

Successful businesses not only sell expensive products to increase revenue. Selling small and cheap products on a large scale is an exceptionally good option to increase income.

Increase brand awareness

Even though we are not all the masters in marketing, having multichannel options will lead consumers to develop an instinctive preference towards our brand, our products or service.


There are customers who are not ready to sing up to acquire your product or service, but this is because they have not heard too much about your business. They are trying to investigate about your products, or they are trying to see what other people are saying about your business.

As we have seen in the article it is indisputably essential to have a multichannel to be able to boost sales, not just because this will increase your revenue but also because, at the same time, you are spreading the word showing your products or services in a passive way

SoftSys Hosting is not only offering different types of eCommerce solutions, but also guarantees security and protection required for overall online business success.

15 Apr

A Few Bad Behaviors That Are Harming Your Business And Ways To Fix Them

Last Updated on April 15, 2022 by Yasmin Estupinian

Behavior is a way of learning to do something: this could be used productively or in the inefficiently way. We will focus on the bad behaviors that are harming your business and ways to fix them to succeed.

There are diverse types of companies. So we cannot measure them with the same yardstick, however, bad behaviors could be produced by any type of business. 

Bad behaviors must be identified with the impact it causes on the business reputation and financial gains – not only right away, but in the long run a well. This will give a ballpark idea if this is a real bad behavior, or just a random bad case. 

Lack of organization

This implies having clear objectives, having the right people in each role to be able to perform what they need to perform, and respecting hierarchical ranks.

By having an organization well-structured thing will flow and bosses will just make sure the objectives are reached. When objectives aren’t reached it is imperative to have contingency plans.

How can we guarantee we really have business processes organized?  Ask yourself the following, so that you will answer your queries:

  • Do we have clear objectives?
  • Have I covered the roles I need? Such as …
  • Do I have an accounting?
    Accountant manages the financial record appropriately. This is especially important when the business is not a startup. If it is a startup let’s just try to invest in necessary stuff so we do not waste money in vain.
  • Do I have an IT person? IT person makes sure we always have our business up and running. If not, that could make us lose money sooner or later.
  • Do I have a salesperson? The salesperson will oversee or interact with customers and will have the skills to sell when customers really need it. This allows the customer to have a great customer experience.
  • Do I have a marketing person? The marketer will handle the strategies every healthy business requires. This includes promoting the brand and the products, creating positive image and ensuring sales growth. 


A business could have an organization, but sometimes leaders are always making micromanaging. When this happens, people adopt a type of codependency which harms business because employee must have the capability to deal with issues or customers by their own, but if this always implies a boss’s approval, the customers will perceive that the employee could not resolve their issue in a timely manner. People are looking for solutions, not looking for more issues to handle. 

Lack of work-life balance

Nowadays, people are suffering too much anxiety, depression, and some other illness for stress. Businesses that are not motivating their employees to have a work-life balance, for sure will have long term problems because people won’t perform. What businesses could do to avoid this is to make employees work in their shift time only, and employees must accomplish their task during the shift time as well. 

Do not deal with people with a bad attitude

Companies can teach whatever they want and people will be able to learn and understand but companies NEVER could be able to teach how to have a good attitude and how to deal with employees’ bad attitudes. Of course, leaders in some moments of their life will have to deal with those types of employees, however, this does not mean that a leader or whoever must deal with such a situation.  

Once we perceive the employee is demonstrating he has attitude issues, we have to take some time to talk about the issue and how this is affecting the business environment and ask what is causing it. They need both to find a solution. Though sometimes it makes sense to let this employee go.  

A bad attitude never will have a reason to be, however, leaders often do not know what is happening below their eyes, that is why it is good to investigate before deciding to fire someone. There are a few other important things to consider: 

  • Set policies with zero tolerance (which applies to anybody in the company).
  • Do not hire for friendship or familiarity (unless there is a family company).
  • Provide a training period (during this time the company will address some aspects such as company policies, product knowledge, etc). 
  • Show with your example (respect time shift, lunch, and break hours, be respectful with everyone no matter the position).

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11 Apr

How To Deliver Outstanding Customer Experience To Your Clients

Last Updated on April 11, 2022 by Yasmin Estupinian

Great and fair attitude is most people need to succeed in life. EQ is becoming more popular than IQ today: this is because customers have shown they really care about the treatment they receive from businesses they interact with or vendors.

Outstanding customer experience could accomplish giving the extra mile.

Companies boast they provide outstanding customer experience, however, in some cases, customer feedback demonstrates they do not. The big question is, how can we deliver an outstanding customer experience to your customers? We will answer this question and share important tips to consider.

First, we must have clarity that outstanding customer experience means that we must treat everyone as if they are our loyal customers. It is not necessary to have a company with customers to practice outstanding customer experience, since this is every case in which we provide outstanding support to either, our vendors, providers, customers or employers. We will be able to carry out the mouth-to-mouth strategy: so they speak well of us, however not everything stays in speaking well but must work hard to give the extra mile in each case we face.

Second, we need to always practice Emotional Quotient (EQ) in which no matter how frustrated or how rude the other person is, we need to focus on giving solutions instead of making the situation worse.

Third, give a real solution, or a real period to do a follow-up. We do not have to play with the experience this customer could face: we must take ownership of the issue even if we are not the ones who can resolve it. At least we will be the one that is going to be the bridge between the case and the good solution.

To deliver outstanding customer experience we must take into consideration that we do not have to take it personally, and we must understand that there are things we can control and there are things we can’t.

Tips that will guide us on how to deliver this outstanding customer experience to our customers.

  • Be kind, friendly, and respectful

These three characteristics go hand in hand, that’s why sometimes we can confuse the difference between them. If we are kind, it does not mean that we should always do what customers want since we must stick to the rules or terms and conditions of the company. Being polite is to demonstrate that we are generous, helpful, and we think about other people’s feelings.

E.g., John, thank you for bringing this point to our attention. We always appreciate our customers’ feedback, and I can assure you I will handle this situation to find an acceptable solution for both parties.

Also, being friendly is a key to demonstrating that we are open to discussing the topic in question. This implies speaking the same language the customer speaks.

E.g., in a tech company, we are not always getting tickets/calls/chats from tech customers. In many cases, there are managers, salespersons, marketers, etc. in which they do not fully understand the tech language. So, we can explain in words they can get it easy and understand better. They will always appreciate you putting on their shoes.

For example,

  • A. Provide the domain name, so I will pull up your account.
  • B. I do not know what that is or where to find it.
  • A. I will be happy to assist you to find it, please open the website in question…..
  • B. Alright.
  • A. What is the name that appears in the https tab?
  • A. Oh, I got it, it is www.mydomain.com.

In addition, respect, maintain an appropriate tone of voice, show the customer that you are not affected by their annoyance in case they are upset. On the contrary, show your respect for their situation with an appropriate tone of voice and appropriate phrases

For example, ‘I see what you mean’, ‘I completely understand your point of view’, etc.

  • Do not take it personally: wear the company shirt

Customers normally contact the first point of contact they have available, either phone, chat, or email, so this means they’re not looking for a specific person directly, but instead looking for someone that can handle their situation, so, in those cases we must wear the shirt from our company and take ownership no matter what happened. Keep in mind that a customer’s experience is always the customer’s perception and feelings about our company.

For example,

Avoid: ‘I am not from that department’, ‘I cannot assist you’ (this is really a terrible answer we can use).

We can transform this into:

‘I will be happy to ask one of my coworkers to help you with this matter’, ‘I will forward your call right now and he/she will give you the assistance you opt for’, etc.

Remember, it’s not what we say, but it’s how we say it!

  • Know your product/company

To know the product/company means also understanding how everything works, so we can stick to what is possible to do and what is not. This will help us to create the right expectations for our customers.

Do your homework, before having contact with your customer, investigate the products you will be handling. This will make you an expert and even if you do not know something you will be able to demonstrate who you are.

For example, in the case we do not have the answer to our customer queries, we can say: “The best team to answer this question will be technical team/billing department. Allow me to talk to them right now and assist you further.”

  • Know your customer

As time goes by, you get to know your customers more and more in order to treat them as they wish. Some tend to complain, and some others are more demanding: stick to all of them and try to show your personalized attention. There is a commonly known citation that says: “Customer is always right”. Though this is false. The customer is not always right, but we will handle the situation in which they do not feel vulnerable. Keep interaction positive by offering positive explanations or options.

For example, instead of saying ‘There is nothing we can do’ we better use ‘One thing we can try is…’. Positive options have the wizard skill of pacing others.

Deliver outstanding customer experience is to exceed customer expectations, always give the extra mile. Giving the extra mile will also create a feeling of happiness for our personal motivation to have done everything in our power.

Also, we will be able to understand that there are things we can manage and there are things we cannot manage. Once we have clarity of this, the situation will flow better with the problems we face.

Some of those examples of manageable or unmanageable are the following:

A path technique that always works is the following:

Listen carefully → Acknowledge feelings → Refocus on a solution → Follow up

This path technique will allow us to keep the situation under control and at the same time we will be able to deliver outstanding customer experience.

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