15 May

How To Increase Website Traffic: 5 Working Ideas To Make Your Online Business Stand Out

Nowadays, strong online presence is significant for success of any business. One of the key aspects for building a strong online presence is driving traffic to your website. In this publication, you will find 5 working ideas to increase website traffic and help your online business stand out. Many online businesses struggle to get traffic to their website. But with the right strategies you can increase website traffic effectively.

1. Optimize Your Website for Search Engines

Search Engine Optimization is the practice of making your website to rank higher on search engine result pages (SERPs). By optimizing your website for search engines, you can increase your website visibility and attract more traffic. Start by researching keywords that are relevant to your business and include them in your website’s content, page titles and meta descriptions.

2. Use Social Media to Promote Your Content

Social media is a great tool that helps you promote your content and expand your audience. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram can help you expand your audience and drive more traffic to your website. By sharing your content on social media, engaging with your followers, and using relevant hashtags, you can increase your brand’s visibility and attract new visitors to your website.

3. Start Blogging

When blogging, for sure you will attract more traffic to your website. By creating informative and engaging blog posts, you can establish your business as an authority in your industry and attract more visitors to your website. Make sure to optimize your blog posts for search engines by including relevant keywords and meta descriptions.

4. Leverage Email Marketing

Email marketing is an effective way to drive traffic to your website and promote your products and services. Create an email list of your subscribers and send them regular newsletters and promotional emails. Include content links to bring your customers real value. Just be sure not to overwhelm your clients since those could mark you as Spam.

5. Collaborate with Other Businesses

Collaborating with other businesses in your or similar industries will help you expand your audience and attract more traffic to your website. Look for businesses that complement your products or services and reach out them for collaborations. You can collaborate on blog posts, social media campaigns, and other marketing activities.


Increasing website traffic is a continuous process that requires consistent efforts and the right strategies. By implementing these 5 working ideas, you can increase website traffic and make your online business stand out. However, maintaining a website and ensuring that it runs smoothly can be challenging. That’s where SoftSys Hosting comes in. SoftSys Hosting provides reliable cloud hosting solutions that can help your website run smoothly and ensure maximum uptime. With SoftSys Hosting, you can focus on growing your business while we take care of your website hosting needs.

19 Apr

How To Set Up Business Goals Correctly

Setting up goals is saying in a different way: my business does matter to me and I will take care of it setting the goals correctly with the right people to guarantee achievable results. However, the work after setting the goals is bigger because you should accomplish them to guarantee the right path in your business.

For doing this there are 5 main keys to consider when setting up them, so as they are achievable, measurable, relevant, specific, and timely. It is normal that people wish to start having success and finish having success in their projects, and this becomes more intense if the success comes from their own business.

Why is it important to set up goals? Without goals is like walking aimless. No matter how big or small your company is, goals will always be important to track your company path. Also, with goals you can make people committed so they feel they are in the right place where they can grow professionally and personally.

How to get started? For most businesses it is not simple to create smart goals, they do not even know how to get started, they have many goals in mind or they do not even know how to prioritize them.

The goals should be either set personally or in a team as a company. Either or, the goals recommendations are to be achievable, measurable, relevant, specific, and timely.


In order to set up an achievable goal you must consider what you have and what you need to accomplish it. For example, if you are setting goals to measure the reviews you have received from your customers, let’s imagine you got the 50% of evaluation from your customers, your goal could be that you need to increase those reviews up to 60% – 70%. This number is achievable, and you have a specific percentage to have it done.


To achieve something no matter if it is big or small it is important that you measure your progress every time you reach an objective so that next time it will be easier for you to keep going straight toward your goal instead of losing track of what you have proposed.

Example of a measurable goal could be to increase sales up to 5% – 10% in the next 3 months, however, to keep track we should be evaluating the milestone month to month, so when the time comes you could well evaluate if the goal was successfully accomplished.


To set goals you should consider them to be relevant to the business and if that will have an impact to make the company grow. Also, this goal refers to professional development in the company. For example, one goal could be “Promote the next team lead with the skills required for the position”. There are companies that instead of promoting an employee prefer to hire people outside, however if you as a business owner try to promote internal employees this will cause employees feel motivated to do their best to be promoted.


Define what is the exact goal you want to accomplish, this could be simple but clear. For example, “increase website traffic for the next month”: this will allow you to know what to expect if either to receive more calls or more chats so you can be prepared.


For this goal you need to consider if the goal is in the short term or long term. The example of a short-term goal is: “Rework the website in the next 2 months to include the new service we will offer to catch customer’s attention”. Also, you can include a deal in which you offer a price for a limited time. For example, SoftSys Hosting offers 50% OFF in the next three months for all new managed Windows VPS hosting clients.

This will help you focus on your goals prioritizing and focusing on the ones that need immediate attention.


As you set up your business goals, remember to make them achievable, measurable, relevant, specific, and timely. This will help you start the year/month off on the right foot, making it more likely that you will achieve these goals.

14 Apr

The Power of Branding: How It Works and What Benefits It Provides

Branding is considered a cornerstone in business since this is the starting key to success, how could this be? It is not about branding indeed: the key is that branding increases the trust of customers, so if the business gains trust from customers it will gain overall success in the long run. When customers feel ambassadors of the company, they will be more likely to be loyal.

According to Cambridge Dictionary branding is the act of making a product, organization, person, or place easy to recognize as different from others by connecting it with a particular name, design, symbol, set of qualities, etc.

The power of branding is all about how you are perceived by people and how you want to be perceived by them. It does not matter if people perceive it well or badly, with a good or bad reputation, in the end, what counts is how much power this has for the success of your business.

The way this works is much more than just having a name, logo, or slogan – this is the way the company defines and says everything about the company, hence the impact this could have on customers.

Branding has a bounce of benefits, such as:

Creates Familiarity

Branding should catch people’s feeling, you should be creative when telling company’s story, what were the beginnings, what makes the business different from others, so they can feel connected and fell they know the company from somewhere even if it is not like that. The main purpose of this is that the story could create in people’s mind and the connection it could have. This will drive the business to build trust with potential customers.

Generates Positive Word-of-Mouth

Once companies have gained trust with people, they will generate positive word of mouth because they will start recommending your brand and expanding the voice in a positive way and this type of branding is becoming more popular in the social media world.

According to Nielsen’s latest Global Trust in Advertising report, which surveyed more than 28,000 Internet respondents in 56 countries, 92 percent of consumers around the world say they trust earned media, such as recommendations from friends and family, above all other forms of advertising.

Increases the Value of Your Business

After a good branding of word of mouth your business will increase value due to the reputation people have created of you because this will influence on the decision people will have when choosing your business instead of choosing others.


Building a successful brand involves more than just creating a memorable logo or slogan. It’s about establishing a positive emotional connection with your customers through products, interactions, and experiences that feel unique and create a distinct impression. SoftSys Hosting focuses on customers experience, that is why our clients are always sharing the satisfaction they feel being with us. Rebuilding a brand should start with a comprehensive approach to uncovering what kind of identity your business has and how you can leverage that going forward.

21 Mar

How To Create a Successful Customer Service Strategy?

Customer service is not just about meeting the needs of your customers—it is about exceeding their expectations. A good customer service strategy is one that considers your company’s strengths and weaknesses as well as the needs, preferences, and demographics of your target market. This requires careful planning and research to create a strategy that works for both parties involved.

Identify Your Audience

· Who are they? What are their interests?

· Are they young or old? Are they male or female?

· Location: Where do they live (city/state/country)? What type of neighborhood do they live in (urban, suburban, or rural)?

· Occupation: What do these people do for work – do any of them work at your company? If so, how can this be leveraged for better customer service experiences across all touch points including online chat support channels such as Facebook Messenger bots. They allow businesses to connect with their customers directly via text messages rather than having them call into an automated phone system where there is no personal connection between the two parties involved.

Find Out What They Want

To find out what your customers want, it is important to ask them. Conduct surveys, use social media and other means of communication to get in touch with your target market. Once you have a better understanding of their needs and wants, create a customer service strategy that addresses those needs.

Provide a Solution to Their Problem

Customer service is all about providing a solution to your customers’ problems. The best way to do this is by listening to them and understanding their needs, which means you need empathy. You also need to be proactive in anticipating the issues they might have before they even arise, so that when they do come up, your customer service team can address them quickly and effectively. Finally, it’s important not just for your team members but also yourself as manager or owner of the company that you respond promptly whenever there’s an issue with one of your products or services. This shows customers that you care about their experience with your business and that you’re willing to go above and beyond.

The Importance of Data Analysis

Data analysis is the key to a successful customer service strategy. You can use it to gain insight into your customer base, improve your customer service and create a better experience for them.

To do this, you need to understand how data analysis works. The first step is identifying what types of questions you want being answered by analyzing the data and then figuring out which sources will provide answers to those questions. These could be surveys or reviews from customers or even internal metrics like sales figures or call logs if you’re running an e-commerce site that sells products online.

Proper Planning

Creating a successful customer service strategy is not easy, but it can be done with proper planning and analysis. To build a better customer service strategy, you must first understand your customers’ needs and wants. You can do this by conducting surveys or asking for feedback on your current processes. You should also look at how other companies are doing things in their industry and see if there are any commonalities between them that you could apply to your own business model. Once these steps have been completed, then it is time to start creating the actual plan itself!


If you are looking to create a customer service strategy, do not ignore what your customer is telling about you. For example, we at Softsys Hosting receive many great reviews and listen to our client needs and wishes. The key takeaway here is that creating a successful customer service strategy takes time and effort; however, if done correctly, this can be beneficial for both parties involved.

20 Mar

The Future of eCommerce and How It Will Change Online Business Landscape

Everyday millions of people go online to order products and services. As consumer demand grows and modern technologies emerge, eCommerce businesses are constantly looking for the ways to improve their sales and marketing efforts. The future of ecommerce is going to be considerably different than it is today; however, there are many opportunities that online companies will want to take advantage of to build their brands and generate revenue. Here are some trends we are already seeing.

Easy Pay and Delivery

Mobile payments, voice-activated purchases: eCommerce will be more seamless, personalized, and secure. Consumers will have an easier time making purchases online, which means that they’ll be buying more items from your business than ever before.

The Growing Popularity of Mobile Devices

The growing popularity of mobile devices will lead to more eCommerce transactions on the go. Mobile devices have become an integral part of our daily lives, and they are quickly becoming the primary way people access information and make purchases. According to research by Nielsen, 97% of Internet users now own a smartphone, up from 87% just three years ago – and this number is expected to continue rising as more people sign up for 4G networks and other high-speed data services that allow them to access information quickly on their phones without having to rely on Wi-Fi.

Social Media to Connect Consumers with Companies

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram can be used for customer service, marketing, and branding, as well as driving traffic to your eCommerce site. Social media also provides an opportunity for companies to gather feedback from their customers on how they could improve their products or services.

Email Marketing to Grow as a Marketing Channel for eCommerce Businesses

Email marketing is an effective way to connect with your audience. The key is to create a consistent stream of content that keeps them engaged, whether it is through emails or social media.

Email marketing allows you to reach out directly people who have already expressed interest in your brand or products, meaning they are more likely to respond positively than those who have not yet heard of you. This means that when done correctly, email marketing can help growing your business by increasing sales conversions and building trust between customers and companies alike!

The best types of emails include newsletters – send out newsletters once per month/week with updates about new products/services available from you or related businesses. This shows potential customers that there is something new coming soon which will keep them interested until then (and potentially even after launch). You should also include links within these newsletters so readers can easily click through if they want more information about specific topics discussed within each one.

Real-time Personalization

Personalization is a key component of the eCommerce experience. Consumers want to feel like they are being treated as individuals, and personalized interactions can help businesses build trust with their customers. But while personalization has been around for some time now, it has not always been easy or cost-effective for businesses to implement. Real-time personalization offers an opportunity for businesses to offer customers customized interactions with minimal efforts or costs.

The future of eCommerce is going to be quite different than it is today, but there are many opportunities that online businesses will want to take advantage of to build their brands and generate revenue.


The future of eCommerce is going to be quite different than it is today. Softsys Hosting offers different eCommerce options such as nopCommerce Hosting, WooCommerce Hosting and Enterprise Magento Hosting for businesses of any size. The growing popularity of mobile devices and social media will lead more consumers towards shopping online, while real-time personalization will enable them to receive customized experience with minimal efforts or costs.

13 Feb

Business Collaboration Ideas For Sales Boosting

Making sales is a tough game to play. You are constantly competing with other businesses for customers, you must keep up with changing consumer trends and preferences, and most importantly – you need to sell constantly. However, there are many things that sales team can do to get better at their jobs and boost sales.

Collaboration is a needed part for any successful business. After all, no one can do everything by themselves. In fact, some studies have shown that companies which collaborate with other businesses are more likely to succeed than those which do not! They also tend to get better results because they have access to resources and expertise that they would not normally have on their own. If you are looking for the ways to collaborate with other businesses to boost sales, here are five ideas.

1. Use Social Media Platforms

· Find people with similar interests and get in touch. You can search for them using hashtags, or you can simply use the search bar on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter.

· Promote your business on social media platforms, but don’t forget to share other businesses’ content as well! This will help build relationships with other businesses and encourage them to collaborate with you in the future.

· Collaborate with other businesses by posting links to each other’s websites in your company’s bio section (or even better yet – a pinned tweet).

2. Write a Blog Post

Writing a blog post is an excellent way to share your insights, experience and thoughts on a topic. You can also use it as an opportunity to voice your opinion. Blogging allows you to showcase your knowledge, build trust with potential customers and increase traffic to your website by driving relevant search engine traffic through keywords in title of the blog post itself.

3. Share Your Insights Through Guest Posts and Interviews

· Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is an uncomplicated way to get your name out there and build up your personal brand. You can use guest blogs to promote yourself or write for others’ blogs in exchange for a link back to your website. This is a fantastic way to reach new audiences which may not have heard of you yet. If they like what they read, they will be more likely to become customers down the line!

· Interviews

Interviews are another way that salespeople can promote themselves without having much experience with social media or video production (both of which require some technical knowledge). Getting interviewed by someone else will increase visibility among potential clients because it gives them an opportunity to hear about how awesome it was working with someone like YOU!

4. Build a Network of Influencers

· Find Influencers in Your Niche

The first step to building a strong network of influencers is to find people who are active on social media, have the same target market as you and share similar interests. You can do this by searching for keywords on Google or LinkedIn, or just by browsing through some profiles until something catches your eye.

· Contact Them Directly via Social Media or Email

Once you have identified some potential candidates, reach out directly and ask if they would be willing to collaborate with you on something. If they agree, then great! Jump straight into the project together – you will want two weeks’ worth of planning time before launching anything so that everyone has ample opportunity for input during this period of development.

5. Link Up with Other Businesses

You can promote other businesses’ products through affiliate links. To do this, you must first find the relevant affiliate link by searching for the product on Google and looking at its terms of service. Then, when someone clicks your link and buys something from that company, you will get a percentage of the sale as a payment.

SoftSys Hosting offers the option to partner providing exclusive deals. You can resell our services from 20 Global locations, and we can collaborate effectively.


If you are looking for the ways to collaborate with other businesses, there are plenty of options available. The key is finding the ones that work best for your business and using them wisely. If you want to keep things simple but effective, try one or two of these ideas first before moving on to more complex ones like guest posts or interviews. With the time passing it may grow into something great!

09 Feb

The Most Effective Ways To Spread The Word About Your Business in 2023

The are many ways to spread the word about your business in 2023, however some of them are more effective than others. This can be done through different channels, but has to be done in the correct manner and here we will talk about the most effective ways to market your company.

Create a Website and Rank Your Business in Google

Creating a website is necessary since this is the first step to proceed with the following walks. To do so, it is as simple as you to request for help in case you do not have enough knowledge to get started. Then you will need to promote it and gain top Google’s search results. So, this procedure is called SEO – a wonderful way to get free targeted traffic from the search engine, because it gets you seen by people seeking information related to your products or services.

Write Blog Posts

Blogs with the connection to content, a blog that can demonstrate you want to get engaged with people through the topic, you will be posting blogs that call everyone’s attention. There are diverse types of blog topics that can still be interested to your audience: a blog that explain how to grow audience, how to catch people’s attention, basic tips on how to run some social medias, etc. So even though you are not an expert in all business fields, this can be extremely helpful for people that do not have any idea on how to get started.

Show Social Media Activity

This idea may sound a little like write blogs, however it is completely different because on showing presence in social media with interesting topics related to your business (create video, reels, YouTube shorts) in which you can talk about what your business do, is the perfect way to make your customers engaged and coming to you more often.

Word of Mouth

Since presence on media has become even more popular, this is another way in which people can say to others about your amazing business. Once feedback becomes viral there is no way to stop it, so many people will realized if your business is a good option or not.

In order to encourage this, you should build relationships with people who can prompt your business.

Referral Program

This is something that not all businesses are willing to do because you will have to invest some money and efforts, however this is very effective for people to feel motivated when they know they will be gaining something in return.

Create Activities with Interactive Content

Always focused on your niche you can create different activities such as quizzes or random close of ‘yes’ or ‘no’ questions in which people find easy to answer, so you create an engagement with them.


Do not be afraid to evolve your business using all available tools. If you do not make your business, go to the next level your competitors will do and you will facilitate their success. Also, make sure to request help for anything you are not familiar with to ensure the process is smooth and simple.

Now the big question is how to get started? Register domain name for your website, then decide if you want to opt for having your CMS (Content Management System) in WordPress or any other free CMS to reduce cost. And then spread the word about your business and this will return back in grateful clients and increased sales.

18 Jan

Top Online Payment Solutions You Need For Your Online Business

If you’re a business owner you work hard and you know how to make things happen. You have a lot on your plate, so you need to know about the top online payment solutions that will help your business grow and make it easier for your customers to pay for products and services.

Whether you are just starting out or have an online business with thousands of customers, it is important to have the right payment solution in place. But what are the best online payment choices? What should you look for in an online payment solution? What should they be able to offer? And how do they work?

Here is a quick rundown of three the most popular online payment options that can help your business grow.


It is a payment processing platform that allows you to accept credit card payments without having to handle sensitive customer information yourself. Stripe works with all major credit card companies in both the US and internationally by securely storing customer data from each transaction in a database rather than on your website where it could be vulnerable to hackers or other security threats.

It can be used for eCommerce or in-person sales worldwide and has very convenient and user-friendly interface.


It is another popular option for taking credit card payments online because it’s easy to set up and use, even for those who are not tech-savvy. It also offers an extensive choice of payment solutions that allow businesses to choose the right package based on their needs (such as recurring billing). The company offers custom tools that help businesses manage inventory levels, track sales performance metrics like ROI (return on investment) and analyze customer behavior patterns so they can improve their marketing efforts accordingly.


PayPal is one of the most popular and widely used online payment solutions in the world today. It’s easy to set up and use, and it offers a variety of features that make it an excellent choice for businesses large and small. PayPal also offers 24/7 customer support via phone or email if you ever have any questions or issues with your account.

You can also send money through PayPal to another person or business, or you can purchase goods or services online while being charged directly to your PayPal account.

There are many benefits of using different online payment method as you can become more flexible and convenient for your customers while keeping their sensitive financial data safe. Also, this reduces the time to conversion and provides better customer experience. We can mention much more popular online payment options, however it is better to focus on a few of them at the beginning, once you are getting more familiar with online payment solutions and their opportunities.

The commission of each platform is not outlined here because it may change from time to time, so it is better to check prices when the time comes for you to see what the online payment option you will be using for your online business.


Except reliable payment solutions any online business should also consider a fast and secure eCommerce hosting to locate its online assets. Look for 24/7 support and scalability so as when your business grows you can consider either a VPS or dedicated servers without having to switch to another hosting infrastructure.

16 Jan

How To Multiply Sales With Multichannel Selling?

Multichannel is not something that every business can handle due to its cost management and integration, however, it is an option that should be considered for most businesses because this increases brand awareness and improves revenue in the long run. In this blog post, you will be able to see what a multichannel option is and whether it’s viable for all businesses. Also, you will learn how to multiply sales using it.

What Is Multichannel Selling

As the same words mentioned, multichannel is the process of using multiple sales channels to offer services to your customers, so this means being in more than one channel increases the opportunity that people will know about your products/services.

Why To Consider Multiple Channels

There are many benefits of using multichannel selling, however, we will focus on the main benefits/reasons that will make you multiply your sales. First, you as a business owner should be prepared to open your business wherever you have the opportunity to sell, this means, having a presence in different ways, such as a physical store, online store, social media, etc., will allow you to have wide options to reach your target audience, besides at the same time you will be doing brand awareness because the more people see your brand the more will your business gain trust with them.

If you ever have felt inclined to purchase a product just because you have ever seen that brand somewhere, you fell into the strategy of those types of multichannel selling options, so people normally are just looking for prices, comparing product characteristics, etc., at that moment they don’t have the intention to acquire the product however by seeing your brand in different channels they will be keeping this in mind and acquire your product/service when the time comes.

Take Advantage Of The Mobile Commerce Trend

Most of time people spend with their phones than their desktop computers, whether they are on the go, taking their lunch, or just resting they try to distract a little bit on their phones, so the first place they should see your brand must be their smartphones, even if they are not ready to buy at that moment they will keep this in mind.

Let’s dive into some examples of multichannel selling.

Physical Store

People have a place to visit and be able to buy your product.

Online Store

You develop a website with a desktop and mobile version and show your product so people can also be able to buy from there. Just make sure you have the appropriate integration gateway, so people don’t get frustrated while buying.

Social Media

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Those are social medias customers use the most so, for sure no matter what niche you have, this will be a great channel-selling option.


Amazon is one example of a marketplace, so you will have the opportunity to expand your business visibility.

Now the next step is to understand very well each of the channels mentioned above because even though those sound amazing because you could have the opportunity to grow and expand your business the reality is that some of them could be used independently. If your business is not that big you can handle multichannel manually but if not, you will have to use software to manage your selling and have control all the time.

In physical store you must always have someone in front who will be able to manipulate the sales manually. There is a citation that says: “To err is human”. However, it depends because if it is a small business the process will be easy and faster.

Online stores, social media channels, and marketplaces have become more popular because the business owners have discovered that they can offer their products without having to pay for a physical store, saving money on rent.

So, How To Multiply Sales?

To get started understand very well your niche type, also do a market study where you will be able to understand how business work. For sure you won’t copy or simulate what other businesses are doing but you will see what the area of improvement they have so you can come with an innovation for your business so people like you and feel the need to have your products/services.

Learn the usage of every single channel. If you are not familiar with the multiple channels mentioned, let’s hire people who will help you to understand and guide you about the best way to use them.

Evaluate if each channel is manageable or if you need software to integrate. The best option is an IT integration, however software is not that cheap so you must see if your earnings allow you to make that investment. If not, allow some more time for your business to grow so you can optimize it. Once everything is ready for you to use the multichannel available for your niche, make sure you take care of your business so you can always stay profitable.

Using all the multichannel selling options will allow you to have more options to gather customer data hence your audience will grow as well, so you will notice that each channel is somehow different so the customers will be different as well.


All businesses sooner or later should consider multichannel selling options – the only request is to use them smartly and with the appropriate guidance to succeed. SoftSys Hosting offers eCommerce solutions such as nopCommerce hosting which is very popular to launch your online store. Besides, we offer premium security services that will guarantee your business is always up and running.

12 Dec

How to Engage Clients and Make Them Coming to You More Often?

There is a saying: “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for life.” The same is true when it comes to your clients. You cannot make them come to you repeatedly by doing what you do now, but there are ways to engage them that will make them feel special every time they come to you. By applying these techniques in your business practice, you will find that clients start coming to you more often because they know the value of what they are getting from your business.

Tell People What You Do

If you want to engage people, tell them what you do. When someone asks, “What do you do?” and they do not get an answer, they think: “Then why should I care?” So, be prepared and provide an accurate answer because if people already ask you is because they are interested in what you do, hence they will be interested in your answer as well.

How To Tell Them What You Do

The best way to tell people what you do is by using stories or examples as opposed to just listing your services/products. For example: “With my company, we help businesses to win online with the wide range of Windows and Linux Hosting packages. Our mission is to provide tailored IT services that help your business growth”. That way, customers get more value from each product/service that we create together because only then can both parties walk away feeling satisfied with their experience together.


Over-delivery is a fantastic way to make clients come back to you more often. It is also a wonderful way to ensure that they continue having positive experiences with your business. When it comes to over-delivering, you need to be creative and find ways of doing so on what you promise or even exceed their expectations.

There are many ways you can over-deliver:

Over-deliver quality. This means providing better products or services than what your clients were expecting, which will make them feel that they have more value for their money spent with you. For example, if you offer free shipping but end up sending their product faster than expected, this would be an over-delivery in speed and efficiency.

Over-deliver service. This involves going beyond customer service protocols as much as possible without compromising on quality standards as well as deadlines for delivery timeframes. An example of this could be sending handwriting thank-you notes after every purchase made from your store instead of just automated emails stating, “thank you for shopping with us!”

Invest in Yourself

Having a prominent level of knowledge about your products and services and being able to communicate with your clients are essential for building a successful business. You need to be able to understand their needs, wants, problems and frustrations so that you can help them solve them by providing the best solution possible based on your expertise or knowledge of what works best for your clients. So, invest in yourself with certifications, training, or coaching sessions so you can be always updated for your customer.

Be Proactive

Being proactive is one of the best ways to keep your clients coming back, and it is something you can do right now. If something happened with their order, you should be the first to reach out and contact your clients with an update or questions. Do not wait for them to contact you; instead, initiate the conversation.

If someone has hired you for something specific, there is no reason they would need to contact you about that job unless there are complications or questions about it (which is usually rare). You do not want them to check in every time something comes up being proactive, so initiating conversations about specific issues before they arise so that everything goes smoothly.

Be Realistic

Being realistic is one of the most important skills you need to have. You do not want to over-promise and under-deliver or make promises that you cannot keep. As such, it is important to be able to say no, when necessary, as well.

The best way to do this is by simply being honest with your clients about what they can expect from your work together and how long it will take for you both to achieve those results:

“I can help you with your online marketing, but this will not be an overnight process. We should plan to work together for some time to get decent results”.

“I can definitely help you to set up your Windows server depending on your availability. Could we please plan together the setup time, so you do not face downtimes on your business”.

Make Your Clients Feel Special

It is not easy to make your clients feel special, but it is worth the effort. Being proactive and being realistic are essential for creating a positive working relationship. Also, being real is important because if you fake it, your client will see through it.

If you want to be a good listener, then you should aim to be sincere and genuine when doing so. When you are around your clients, try being a good communicator by speaking wisely and thoughtfully to avoid awkward silence or misunderstandings between yourselves and/or others present during any given interaction with them (including yourself).

A good leader will also listen carefully for signs of potential problems within their own work environment before they escalate into something worse than just an inconvenience. This means that they proactively seek out feedback from anyone who might have something useful or relevant information related specifically towards meeting their needs better than ever before. This mean asking questions directly first before making assumptions based upon prior knowledge only.


We hope we have given you some useful tips to help you attract and keep clients. We know it can be difficult at first, but if you stay positive, try different approaches, and keep working on your business, then soon enough it will start to pay off.