14 Nov

The Ways to Improve Online Customer Experience

Last Updated on November 14, 2022 by Yasmin Estupinian

Customer retention is one of the most important things that brands need to focus on right now. You should never let go of a customer you worked so hard to get and there are plenty of ways to ensure that they stay with you.

Bear in mind, every person you have online communication with is a potential customer. So, try to help as many as you can. The more satisfied you can make your prospective clients, the less likely it is that they will go elsewhere for their needs. Reaching them where they are through social media and mobile apps is the key to the success for your business.

The tips listed below can help you challenge yourself and take online customer service to the new level in your business. You will provide outstanding customer service and see an increase in sales as a result.

Improve the site speed

Undoubtedly people run away from a slow website, so you have to evaluate your website to make sure the performance of it is what your customers expect. There are many speed test tools for free in which you can check your website performance such as GTmetrix, WebPageTest, Google PageSpeed Insights and some others. The results you will have by running your site accordingly will be worth them because people will stay more at your site hence more opportunities for customers to know your products and acquire them.

Include live chat

It will always be better to have a real person than a robot, so that you can answer any queries customers may have, and by doing so, potential customers do not feel the hassle of entering all their information just to get answers to a simple question. Also, this helps you not to have too many emails/tickets which could be resolved in a timely manner.

Easy mobile to desktop website version navigation

It is important to have both versions available, so people can perceive the same experience in both. So, customers can get a clean design and ease of usage, whether they want to buy from mobile or desktop they can do it without any inconvenience. Both versions are developed for specific targets, at the end the purpose will be the same for both: providing a pleasant experience when visiting your website.

Compile a frequently asked questions (FAQ) list

FAQs are going to improve the user experience, potential customer or current customer will get quick answer to their questions without having to contact someone for that. So instead of making your customers read the whole information you have on your website, they will prefer to use directly the frequently asked questions, because there they will be able to address directly their concerns.

Also, this allows you to have organic search because if you also include general information about the type of business you have, you will always catch people’s attention because they will know your website is a referral to clarify something for your potential customer.

Design properly your shopping cart

A superbly designed shopping cart facilitates customer purchases. This allows them to add products in a way that they do not have to leave current page, also once customer has added a product this shopping cart must be able to show complementary options of the product customers are acquiring so you take advantage of upselling and at the same time you help them to find something they have not considered but needed.

Having a vast experience when browsing your website has benefits, because also they can add products to the cart even if they decide to complete the purchase later. Be careful on adapting the shopping cart for desktop and mobile versions so they can feel comfortable with any of these options.

Use quality photos with their right description

Quality photos is important to catch customer attention but be honest and publish real photos, so when they get their product, they do not get frustrated or upset because they do not receive what expected. Also, the description must be clear and honest: if they like it, they will not doubt in placing the order or at least include the product to the shopping cart to complete your purchase later.

Process order promptly and set right expectations

Customers will always appreciate when you are providing comprehensive and extensive information about the order they are expecting. So never try to catch customers by lying and no setting the right expectations, because this could be counterproductive since a terribly upset customer could spread the word on a bad way about your company and service. Even though there is a quote that says there is no bad publicity of course we do not want to make ourselves known for that bad publicity.


Try to apply the best practices when improving online customer experience in case you have not done this yet. People will appreciate this approach. SoftSys Hosting and our VPS, dedicated and other cloud hosting solutions guarantee a reliable website performance, so you do not face downtime and your business remains up and running all the time.

10 Nov

Black Friday 2022 or How to Provide Your Clients with Ultimate Shopping Time

Last Updated on November 10, 2022 by Yasmin Estupinian

Every year, the Black Friday shopping challenge is something that a lot of businesses are looking forward to trying whereas it stays scary too. Companies hope to bring clients the best Black Friday experience ever each year. This blog post will guide you through the ultimate solution for any company aiming to offer the best deals on Black Friday 2022.

Create a detailed plan and the task list

When the time comes it is necessary to have everything ready with details, so you do not get lost, and you do not blur the main idea you have for your Black Friday. You should meet with the team in charge, discuss what will be the options and offers you will be able to provide to your clients, and what goals you hope to reach. Also, you must set a period for the plans so people will know when to get started, also they should know when they must start promoting the products/services, etc. This is not just going to help you to have everything planned, but also this will give you peace of mind so when the crazy days start you do not have to run for unplanned stuff.

Create a strong marketing plan

A strong marketing plan is mast-have to address on what you will be promoting. The big ones will invest a fortune in their marketing campaigns, so if you have a mid-size or small company it does not make sense trying to compete with them. Target with something special your audience and you will have better results.

Create an email campaign

Email campaigns are also a great way to engage existing customers. Rather often companies care more on how to provide promotions/offers for acquiring new customers and forget about current clients. It is important to highlight that one strategy is not more important than the other, however the opportunity to build a long-term and loyal relationship with your clients is priceless. As per the European Business Review, studies have shown that acquiring new customers is five times more expensive than keeping an existing customer. So, if companies focus on providing offers to the current customers, they will perceive more income without investing too much money in new customers.

Create a special promotions catalog

This catalog could be a tradition that your company performs every year for your current customers. Also, you can have it available for them from specific dates before Black Friday, so they have perceived in advance what options you have for them so when next companies offer comes, they have already purchase from you or they know that they have the same offer with you, so they do not have run and acquire or transfer service with them.

In 2022 Black Friday will be on November 25, 2022. So, the offer you will have for your customer could start from November 10 (or from November 20) to November 30. By doing so, you’ll provide them with a suitable period so they can buy from you.

Offer freebies

People will always appreciate your offer freebies, even if this is at a low price, they will appreciate you are offering something for free for them. You can offer the freebie with any product promotion. So, they do not feel you are not just offering the promo offer but also you are going beyond expectation for them, and they feel they are receiving more than expected. Even if the price for the freebies is already included in some way.

Allow hands on experience

Depending on your company niche you can offer either try your product before customers are even able to buy it, another option is to offer free trial in the case your niche is for any service in which they can have trial period, so they can confirm you have the expected product or service quality.

Educate your employees to persuade customers

There are customers who need a little help to decide on a specific product or service, so educating your employees and showing them how to handle such customers will be a great idea.

Your employees must be capable of persuading customers in a way that customers do not feel pushed to buy the product, but they have the necessity to acquire the service/product instead. So, this could be accomplished with someone understanding very well those type of customers.


It’s always good to be prepared. Especially when you run your own business, ensure to be creative on your Black Friday. Make sure that your website is running perfectly without downtime, with SoftSys Hosting you need not to worry about that. Do not try to fight with big companies, nor try to overshadow the little one, just focus on offering real deals and ensure no to copy the competence, because people will always perceive when you are imitating. Let the Black Friday 2022 be pleasant and productive experience for your business and your clients as well.