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Managed Dedicated Servers – Services, Benefits And Packages

Last Updated on December 24, 2014 by Ruchir Shastri

Managed dedicated server is a web hosting service including hardware, software and best up-keeping of a dedicated server.

Managed Dedicated Servers services includes:

  • World-class hardware
  • Daily R1Soft CDP backups (Automatic)
  • 24×7 Server and ping monitoring
  • Managed OS updates / Patching
  • Server securing / hardening
  • Pro-active routine security audit of server
  • 24/7 knowledgeable and responsive support for initial setup, assistance, issues or advice.

These servers can be Preconfigured for

  • ASP.NET / MS SQL, PHP / MySQL support;
  • Windows 2012 R2 / 2008 R2 Std (FREE),
  • Linux CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu (x86 & X64) support
  • WHM / CPanel for CentOS (FREE)
  • WebSitePanel or Plesk Panel (FREE)
  • Additional RAM, HDD, network port speed, bandwidth and more to get the perfect match for your specific hosting requirements.

Other Included and Available Features / Software are

  • Web Server, FTP Server, DNS
  • Mail Server / Stats Software
  • SmarterBundle Pro Licenses worth $800
  • Securing / Hardening the Server
  • Web / Std, Windows Datacenter (Addon)


Benefits of Dedicated Servers with Managed level Services

1) First and the most important benefit of managed dedicated servers is: it allows you to be stress-free. Everything from server management to monitoring of your operating systems is handled by the experts. This helps in reducing or eliminating your IT Staff completely (save costs & resources!).

2) Maintaining a contract with fix rates of dedicated server including managed services. This helps in streamline budgets, avoid expense of in-house server setup & enjoying most up-time of website.

3) Datacenter data security consist many layers of physical and virtual network security to implied total security of your server.

5) 24x7x365 server monitoring, management and expert support from Softsys Hosting.

6) Timely software / firmware’s patches and updates to ensure servers operates at best level and matches customer needs.

7) Offserver backup for any kind of Disaster recovery or any other purpose.

8) Scalability – Scalability is much needed in times of space expansion needs. When your business grows, you need additional resources and our dedicated servers completely support scalability.


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Managed Dedicated Server Packages with Specifications

Intel E3 / E5 / Dual E5 Server Hosting


As you can see in the above screenshot, there are three dedicated server packages available with Softsys Hosting. Clicking on the “Configure” button, it will take you to the list of resources to be selected as per your hosting needs along with this particular selection, where you will be ask to go with Self-Managed Dedicated Server or fully managed service level charges amount of 99.00 USD Plus $99.00 Setup Charges (below Screenshot – Highlighted portion).

Managed Server Options


Dedicated servers are most suitable for businesses who are looking
to increase their online customer base and with our managed service
level, it makes your life absolutely hassle-free, secure and
cost-effective. You have a few viable options to opt for: enterprise-class self-managed dedicated hosting or fully managed dedicated servers from Softsys Hosting.

18 Dec

Key Differences Between VPS and Dedicated Servers

Last Updated on December 18, 2014 by Ruchir Shastri

We all want the best hosting servers for our projects, and there are two of the most reliable hosting solutions are VPS and Dedicated server. However there are number of reasons why one should opt for dedicated server instead of a VPS, six of which are listed below:

Maximum Security

In this era of advanced technology people tend to run their businesses more on virtual platforms. Therefore in order to facilitate their business dealing these virtual hosting servers were developed. These virtual hosting servers are shared by many different entities and they carry sensitive data of individual entities. Therefore the security factor of these hosting servers is of great concern for all the users of these virtual shared hosting servers. Now dedicated servers ensure maximum security to one’s data and is highly reliable in that regard.

Consistent Performance

In case of VPS servers, people can find inconsistency in the performance of their servers. These servers sometimes provide services that let them use the maximum capabilities of their CPU and at others they just fail to meet the requirements. It is observed that the performance of VPS servers is inconsistent throughout the day. However in case of dedicated hosting servers it is guaranteed that the maximum CPU resources are available at anytime, whenever the service is being approached.

Enhanced Personalization

In case of VPS, you only get specified range of configurations, with no options to upgrade, they come with prepackaged options. Smart servers, on the other hand, are flexible and their packages come with a wide range of upgrading options. In smart servers you can increase your RAM and can upgrade your server that includes upgrading of CPU and Disk space. No matter whatever the package you start with you can do these upgrading without reinstalling of the whole system. This easy migration option no doubt makes smart server a better option.

Genuine Hardware

In case of VPS, the user remains uninformed of the hardware used for the server. Whereas in case of dedicated server the user is well informed of the hardware the system is built on. It informs the user if the CPU is Intel, Disks are Western Digital and RAM is of some major brand like Kingston, Crucial or Corsair, etc, and motherboards are Super Micro.

User Friendly

Dedicated servers are user friendly. They allow user maximum control over the system virtually as well as physically. In dedicated servers, custom built control centre is there. This is a unique management GUI that offers maximum control over hardware and network configurations. It helps you perform remote reboot virtually if required under any circumstances. Dedicated servers can be configured to use R1Soft backup software and cPanel WHM control panel to enhance flexibility and data security.

Cost Effectiveness

There is not much difference in the prices of the VPS and the dedicated servers, however the main difference is the value delivered by the two systems. No doubt dedicated smart servers delivers more value with better features and flexibility, and this is the main thing that makes dedicated servers more cost effective than VPS.

But whatever of the above mentioned solutions you find the most suitable for your online business performance, rest assured to get premium quality self-managed dedicated server plans, fully managed dedicated hosting solutions or managed and unmanaged VPS online at Softsys Hosting.