10 Aug

Major Pros of Hosting Data Backup

Data Backup

How important is it to backup your data regularly?

“How important is your data?” This is the first question I ask customers if they are not sure of whether to invest in having data backup enabled for their particular hosting account. If you cannot afford to lose your data or in case it is highly critical for your business operations, there is no doubt that you should be considering having data backup in place for your account.

There are various automated backup products available on the market that will help you in automating the process along with reporting you about successful / failed backups and appropriate system in place for easy restoration of data in case it is ever required. We use R1Soft backup service for all of our managed servers which takes backup of the entire server in a schedule that is setup by you – this can be as frequent as every few minutes to once a day or week or month. We typically backup every night with the retention period of 6 days (last 6 days of data is retained for restoration).

Data backup comes very handy in various cases:

  • Accidental delete of files / folders. In case you/your developer accidentally delete a file / folder, you can easily jump to your backup console and restore it without the requirement to rebuild it.
  • Compromised files – in case your server is infected by virus / malware which has modified or scrambled your files, you will need to restore these files to the original version in addition to removing virus / malware from your server.
  • Bad OS Update. In case your server is hit by a bad OS update which breaks things, you will need to restore it back to a state where it was running smoothly. Backups turn out to be very handy in this case, so that you can revert to a restore point whereby your system was in the appropriate working state.
  • Hardware issue with server – in case your server hardware or storage devices (HDD, SSD, RAID controller, etc.) fail for some reason, you will be looking at complete data failure with immediate requirement to restore your data to a working state. Appropriate data backups in place help immensely in this scenario, so that you can move your system to a state before hardware crash.

No one can really predict on when will they need data from their backup copy, but it is highly important for above reasons to ensure that you have backups in place which are monitored regularly. You should carefully understand your use case and select backup software which is appropriate for your requirements. R1Soft works fairly well in most of the use cases as it all supports backing up of nearly all operating system servers. Few other products like Veeam, Acronis have also evolved and in use by many enterprises. The key to any backup software is to ensure that you are able to backup and restore your data in a timely manner and data integrity stays intact. Having an efficient backup system in place helps in business continuity to ensure that you do not spend time restoring your important files / folders in case of accidental delete (human or non-human) as you will already having an efficient backup system in place. It has been a myth that having RAID protected storage is a replacement of backups, but this is completely incorrect – there are several cases whereby RAID can fail completely with no ability to regain the data that existed in your storage array. Hence, you should always have an off-server and preferably off-site backups for your infrastructure.

We at Softsys Hosting backup all of our Shared / Reseller servers on a daily basis along with backing up customer virtual machines or dedicated servers with managed services on our network backup servers. We have reporting enabled which will update our 24/7 technical support team in case backup fails for some reason so that we can fix this immediately.

09 Jun

Main Hosting Trends of 2015: Ultimate Speed and Performance

When it comes to hosting for your website or for infrastructure services in your company the latest trend for 2015 resides in ultimate speed and performance. While security and mobile support have been other past focuses for hosting, many are looking towards the future and utilizing cloud as well as dedicated servers to improve access speed around the world.

Studies have shown that as little as a few milliseconds of lag when accessing web format files or a website can be enough to discourage a user from returning back to the website. Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) has taken on a whole new focus in this industry and as a result many are opting for Windows-based virtual private servers, dedicated servers, cloud servers and more.

A virtual private server as well as a dedicated server can deliver the ultimate speed for any of your web applications or for a website. This means that you can enjoy an ultimate uptime as well as the quickest possible access to all of your web elements. This will cut milliseconds off of the time it takes for your web page to load which can actually improve search engine results, maximize the amount of return visitors that you might get and minimize any issues that might occur from accessing your web content.

Another big focus to increase performance and speeds is DDoS protection. These types of attacks can quickly shut down a website or any web elements for hours. Recognizing one of these attacks as it occurs and having means to prevent this denial of service attack is absolutely crucial. With the proper protection in place, a website will remain up even if it’s experiencing some type of attack guaranteeing that competitors and hackers cannot affect your hosting. Having this level of protection up and running will secure your online business from costly downtimes.

26 Mar

When is a dedicated server required for your business?

Since the start of web hosting services, technology has improved on high scale in year 2015. New features were added with the technology advancement in any web hosting service. Selection of web hosting service among these depends on the usage and needs of your website.

VPS hosting has too grown up with better visualization software and scaling ability. Dedicated server has much more potential to host your website(s) hosting with best security than VPS. Although VPS is still the best solution for many business owners as it offers enough power at reasonable rates.

Every webmaster knows what virtual private server is, still let’s explore it one more time. VPS suits to small or medium businesses for any of their hosting requirements at affordable price. It is like “You are having fixed amount of resources (RAM/CPU/HDD) for your server with full control”. VPS have the capability of performing better just like dedicated server but in a shared environment (multiple VPS’ hosted on same server but with isolation). As you are having complete root / administrative access, many software or applications gets installed as per business needs. Compared to shared hosting, VPS Hosting is much faster and it gives better performance.

Why should I prefer DEDICATED SERVERS?

First of all, let’s define what is a dedicated server?

A Dedicated Server is the standalone physical machine to host medium / large business sites or applications or it can be used for backup purposes. A client can use the allocated CPU and RAM resources of a dedicated server for faster performance of their websites.

Your online projects are mission-critical and resource-intensive? You need ultimate performance from your web hosting?

In this case, VPS Hosting won’t help and dedicated server will outperform VPS Hosting with in all areas. Dedicated Servers are most powerful and speedier choices among web hosting services. They provides around-the-clock guaranteed accessibility from any location around the Globe. Dedicated servers ranked up as far as web hosting performance concerns, although prices are high too.

Now let’s talk about benefits in selecting dedicated servers, which may or not available with VPS.

One of the major feature of a dedicated server is that it is completely under the control of the owner. It can be rebooted in required times. Any Software, any tools or any server applications can be installed in your dedicated server. Also dedicated server can be completely customized with your chosen OS as per the business needs. OS Choices available: CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu & Microsoft Windows Server (2008 & 2012) or install your own OS.

VPS Hosting provides do not allow their customers to install and run more software even it is much needed and ready to install. Also VPS providers sometimes do not give 100% control of their virtual modules to their clients. VPS Customers have to compulsory share the resources of their server, while dedicated servers customer enjoys resources at any time. Processors, Memory, hard disk storage capacity, network access & rest belongs to the owner in 100% capacity. With Dedicated Servers, any hardware can be handle and run in server. Customers gets full control of a server. ‘You are complete owner of the house’.

Dedicated hosting is reliable. There is risk of not having required access to the resources at times of need in VPS. Your website may goes down or temporary unreliable due to other customer’s use of the server. Especially at times, when server gets bombarded with huge traffic. Dedicated hosting solves those problems by giving you an entire server all to yourself. In this type of situation, there is no chance of a single issue with dedicated server hosting. No worry about other websites using all your bandwidth when you need it most. Due to this particular reason, there is no downtime or no crashing issues with dedicated server hosting. Your site will be up all time with huge traffic handling capacity inclusive of video streaming / high quality images. Your website will never get denied access to the resources it needs to handle traffic and media.

Dedicated Server hosting performs better. Hosting your traffic flooded website with VPS, will lead to many crashing and unavailability. Also high resolution photos and videos can be incorporated in website without any fear of bandwidth loss. In any of the case, dedicated server will offer best reliability and smooth run-up of website. There is no compromise with the performance. Your website will be accessible to each potential client with best loading time.

Dedicated web hosting is secure. One of the biggest benefit offered by dedicated server is far greater level of security, compared with VPS. All the resources are allocated to the particular server, making it far more secure than a VPS. With managed level service, shield your server with regular updates and security patches.

Also, Softsys Hosting dedicated hosting includes 24/7 support. Bare metal servers allows you to create a custom firewall and enforce your own access control policy. With a dedicated server, you will be allocated with your own IP range. No Blacklist issues due to spamming activities by other customers.

DDoS protected Dedicated Servers. DDoS attacks makes your website unavailable to end users. Most providers will null route your IP for a period of 2 – 48 hours in case a DDoS attack is detected. All services will be inaccessible / down due to DDoS attack for you and all your visitors. These attacks are giving hard time to website owners but Softsys Hosting have perfect solution: DDoS protection system. These will help to mitigate these attacks and make sure your websites and servers are accessible to all end users. Also redundant DDoS mitigation systems will filter all malicious / bad traffic and continue to forward all clean traffic to your servers. This means that your websites / services will continue to operate without any downtime.

Although DDoS protection is expensive. DDoS attacks suffered customers are looking for the web hosting companies with DDoS protection. It is advisable for website owners to check for DDoS protected web hosting services from any web hosting company.

Other options of standard dedicated servers:

• If in need of more speed, go with SSD server and
• If you want to completely relax, give all server management to Softsys Hosting managed dedicated server hosting service.

Are you interested in powerful dedicated server hosting to better match your business needs and goals if compared to VPS? Softsys Hosting dedicated server hosting plans start at $100.00. Take a look at our website or shoot an email to the sales team on sales @ softsyshosting . com.

12 Feb

How to reduce your Server / Hosting expenses

We routinely communicate with customers who are very much interested in reducing their hosting expenses. However, there are few critical factors to consider when you look out for this which also includes degradation of quality of services which directly affects your business. I’ve created few points here which will help you in analyzing your current setup to ascertain if you have any scope for reducing your expenses

1) Consolidate Websites / Applications

If you have several websites in different hosting plans, you can check if you can upgrade your hosting plan subscription with existing provider and consolidate all websites in single plan – this can save your costs significantly along with reducing time spent on management of different website hosting subscriptions. In case you have services with multiple providers, you can consider to move them to a single provider who has been best in service quality.

2) Move on-premise servers to hosting providers / cloud

The cost involved in maintaining on-premise server is massive and is usually overlooked by corporate management. You need to consider power usage, backup power setup cost, uplink (public) connectivity cost, hardware spare management costs, networking gear costs, cooling unit costs, etc. when you have on-premise server(s). If you think this is negligible, you are wrong – these costs pile up massively and you can save significant amount if you move these servers to professional hosting provider along with ensuring that you receive better services out of similar servers. Professional hosting providers have enterprise grade setup / environment which has been specially setup / developed / maintained for servers along with regular maintenance of equipment performed. Additionally, the provider stocks up all spare hardware components along with ensuring that your server has the very latest components installed for best performance.

3) Move to Managed Services

Most organizations spend significant amount on IT staff for managing their servers – moving to managed services by professionals helps to reduce these costs massively. With managed services, your provider will manage everything inside your server which includes setup / provisioning, performing day to day management tasks, applying patches/updates to operating system, securing your server, performing daily backups, monitoring your server on 24/7 basis and performing routine security audits of your servers. All of this can be for a price range of as low as $40-$100/m per server. You can virtually get rid

of your entire IT staff after moving to a managed provider – this can essentially save you hundreds of thousands of dollars every year! A detailed write up on this is available at http://blog.softsyshosting.com/2014/07/04/managed-hosting-server-management-and-monitoring-services/

4) Virtualize your servers

In this current era of cloud computing, most organizations have benefitted from virtualizing their physical hardware by moving to Virtual Machines. A virtual machine performs similar to a dedicated server whereby you have full fledged operating system and you can perform all functions that you can on a physical server. With virtualization, you can have a high end physical server which can host multiple virtual machines – such a setup helps you in reducing your costs significantly. Virtualized environment helps in lowering the costs since:

  • Less physical space is required.
  • Lower power usage
  • Significantly less maintenance / management costs
  • Reduces time (and money) for managing servers
  • It is highly scalable – you can easily upgrade / downgrade your virtual machines on the fly

You can understand from above points that these are fairly simple steps / changes in your setup that you can consider to undertake and thus reduce your expenses significantly along with ensuring that you get enterprise class setup which is of latest generation. You will also have access to the very best talent in industry with managed services who will keep your server safe, secure & backed up at all times.

At Softsys Hosting, we help our customers in reducing their expenses with various services which help their business grow flawlessly. We provide virtualized Windows VPS / Linux VPS plans along with dedicated server hosting. We also provide comprehensive server management services where our experts (available on 24/7 basis) handle all day to day management tasks along with monitoring your server, backups, security, etc. These administration services are available as an addon or with specialized managed Windows VPS hosting or managed server services.

23 Dec

Managed Dedicated Servers – Services, Benefits And Packages

Managed dedicated server is a web hosting service including hardware, software and best up-keeping of a dedicated server.

Managed Dedicated Servers services includes:

  • World-class hardware
  • Daily R1Soft CDP backups (Automatic)
  • 24×7 Server and ping monitoring
  • Managed OS updates / Patching
  • Server securing / hardening
  • Pro-active routine security audit of server
  • 24/7 knowledgeable and responsive support for initial setup, assistance, issues or advice.

These servers can be Preconfigured for

  • ASP.NET / MS SQL, PHP / MySQL support;
  • Windows 2012 R2 / 2008 R2 Std (FREE),
  • Linux CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu (x86 & X64) support
  • WHM / CPanel for CentOS (FREE)
  • WebSitePanel or Plesk Panel (FREE)
  • Additional RAM, HDD, network port speed, bandwidth and more to get the perfect match for your specific hosting requirements.

Other Included and Available Features / Software are

  • Web Server, FTP Server, DNS
  • Mail Server / Stats Software
  • SmarterBundle Pro Licenses worth $800
  • Securing / Hardening the Server
  • Web / Std, Windows Datacenter (Addon)


Benefits of Dedicated Servers with Managed level Services

1) First and the most important benefit of managed dedicated servers is: it allows you to be stress-free. Everything from server management to monitoring of your operating systems is handled by the experts. This helps in reducing or eliminating your IT Staff completely (save costs & resources!).

2) Maintaining a contract with fix rates of dedicated server including managed services. This helps in streamline budgets, avoid expense of in-house server setup & enjoying most up-time of website.

3) Datacenter data security consist many layers of physical and virtual network security to implied total security of your server.

5) 24x7x365 server monitoring, management and expert support from Softsys Hosting.

6) Timely software / firmware’s patches and updates to ensure servers operates at best level and matches customer needs.

7) Offserver backup for any kind of Disaster recovery or any other purpose.

8) Scalability – Scalability is much needed in times of space expansion needs. When your business grows, you need additional resources and our dedicated servers completely support scalability.


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How Softsys Hosting provides managed hosting services! 


Managed Dedicated Server Packages with Specifications

Intel E3 / E5 / Dual E5 Server Hosting


As you can see in the above screenshot, there are three dedicated server packages available with Softsys Hosting. Clicking on the “Configure” button, it will take you to the list of resources to be selected as per your hosting needs along with this particular selection, where you will be ask to go with Self-Managed Dedicated Server or fully managed service level charges amount of 99.00 USD Plus $99.00 Setup Charges (below Screenshot – Highlighted portion).

Managed Server Options


Dedicated servers are most suitable for businesses who are looking
to increase their online customer base and with our managed service
level, it makes your life absolutely hassle-free, secure and
cost-effective. You have a few viable options to opt for: enterprise-class self-managed dedicated hosting or fully managed dedicated servers from Softsys Hosting.

18 Dec

Key Differences Between VPS and Dedicated Servers

We all want the best hosting servers for our projects, and there are two of the most reliable hosting solutions are VPS and Dedicated server. However there are number of reasons why one should opt for dedicated server instead of a VPS, six of which are listed below:

Maximum Security

In this era of advanced technology people tend to run their businesses more on virtual platforms. Therefore in order to facilitate their business dealing these virtual hosting servers were developed. These virtual hosting servers are shared by many different entities and they carry sensitive data of individual entities. Therefore the security factor of these hosting servers is of great concern for all the users of these virtual shared hosting servers. Now dedicated servers ensure maximum security to one’s data and is highly reliable in that regard.

Consistent Performance

In case of VPS servers, people can find inconsistency in the performance of their servers. These servers sometimes provide services that let them use the maximum capabilities of their CPU and at others they just fail to meet the requirements. It is observed that the performance of VPS servers is inconsistent throughout the day. However in case of dedicated hosting servers it is guaranteed that the maximum CPU resources are available at anytime, whenever the service is being approached.

Enhanced Personalization

In case of VPS, you only get specified range of configurations, with no options to upgrade, they come with prepackaged options. Smart servers, on the other hand, are flexible and their packages come with a wide range of upgrading options. In smart servers you can increase your RAM and can upgrade your server that includes upgrading of CPU and Disk space. No matter whatever the package you start with you can do these upgrading without reinstalling of the whole system. This easy migration option no doubt makes smart server a better option.

Genuine Hardware

In case of VPS, the user remains uninformed of the hardware used for the server. Whereas in case of dedicated server the user is well informed of the hardware the system is built on. It informs the user if the CPU is Intel, Disks are Western Digital and RAM is of some major brand like Kingston, Crucial or Corsair, etc, and motherboards are Super Micro.

User Friendly

Dedicated servers are user friendly. They allow user maximum control over the system virtually as well as physically. In dedicated servers, custom built control centre is there. This is a unique management GUI that offers maximum control over hardware and network configurations. It helps you perform remote reboot virtually if required under any circumstances. Dedicated servers can be configured to use R1Soft backup software and cPanel WHM control panel to enhance flexibility and data security.

Cost Effectiveness

There is not much difference in the prices of the VPS and the dedicated servers, however the main difference is the value delivered by the two systems. No doubt dedicated smart servers delivers more value with better features and flexibility, and this is the main thing that makes dedicated servers more cost effective than VPS.

But whatever of the above mentioned solutions you find the most suitable for your online business performance, rest assured to get premium quality self-managed dedicated server plans, fully managed dedicated hosting solutions or managed and unmanaged VPS online at Softsys Hosting.

11 Nov

Advantages of SSD Hosting


SSD stands for Solid State Drives. With SSD based server, access time of websites, databases, E-Commerce applications speeds up significantly. When a visitor is on look out  for information on specific topic and in case it is not available at one address, they will shift and search at some other place. It takes few seconds for the user to close the opened tab and move on to next one. If your potential customer have to wait for their much needed information, it is not useful. To speed up your website, it is time to go for web hosting with SSD than the traditional VPS Hosting. SSD offers best performance, more power and extremely low access time compared to Traditional SATA HDD. Preference goes to SSD for bringing speed factor & reliability in web hosting. Here we will learn about various advantages of SSD Web Hosting.

1. Ultra-Fast:

The key advantage is that SSDs are ultra-fast than HDD since there is no physical head movement required. Hence, there is virtually no latency in data access.

2. Great Data Transfer Speed:

Moving parts in HDD slow down drive performance while SSD has no moving parts within it, which makes data transfer extremely faster. With more disk space, a high traffic site can host multiple images, videos and handle incoming traffic.

3. Data Safety:

Data is important to any webmaster with high secured storage capacity and accessibility. As traditional HDD consist of moving parts, it can result in wear and tear. Additionally, there are chances of losing data by some small mishandling.  There are no such moving parts in SSD and hence it eliminates all of the above factors of data loss. Hence, your data is extremely safe with SSD.

4. Environment friendly:

HDD consist mechanical components which consumes more power. While with stable memory chips of SSD, there is less usage of Power with the best performance and faster access of data.

5. No cooling needed:

SSDs do not need any cooling as there is no heat generated within it. There is a possibility of reduced lifespan with major temperature changes in drives which does not affect SSD’s.

6. Fragmentation:

Since there are no moving components where data is stored on SSD, slow access due to fragmentation that is encountered on traditional SATA drives is not an issue with SSD. Hence, you will get consistently fast performance at all times with SSD.

7. Stability:

SSD do not skip any data during data encryption or decryption process to make sure every single piece of information is safe. Also, considering the above factors of physical safety / cooling / etc, the drive is very safe.

8. Various Threats:

Websites with good web presence are more likely to get attacked by any of the threats – malwares, viruses, hardware crash, network failures, etc. With SSD, these threats are completely reduced or avoidable to large extent.

9. Durability:

Solid State Drives has microchip technology with more durability. This technology increases the longevity of the drive, reducing repairing cost of drive (if any in future).

10. Reliability:

Since SSD uses better technology than HDD. With Microchip technology, SSD can withstand in this competitive market. SSDs are more reliable than HDD.


If you are looking for reliable, stable and fast access to your website, application or database, you can consider SSD-powered server hosting services from Softsys Hosting. Our SSD Windows VPS hosting and SSD Server accounts are powered by enterprise-class hardware for reliable and ultra-fast performance.

26 Sep

Security Advisory – Critical Bash Shell Vulnerability – Fix Available

A vulnerability has recently been disclosed in Bash (the GNU Bourne Again shell) which affects all systems running Linux. This vulnerability allows programs that allow users to provide values for variables to execute arbitrary commands with the privileges of the service. This issue does not permit direct privilege escalation. It has been assigned the ID CVE-2014-6271 [1] in the Common Vunerabilities and Exposures database. It has been given the nickname “Shellshock.”

CentOS and Debian patched this vulnerability partially on September 24, 2014 and issued further fixes on September 25, 2014 under new ID
CVE-2014-7169 [2]. To apply the fixes, you need only update the version of your installed Bash program. If you have created any services that run entirely as a Bash shell script, you should restart those services after updating. Bash-based services are not common.

Windows and FreeBSD servers do not use Bash by default and are not generally affected. If you have installed Bash on your server manually, you should make sure it is up to date using the process by which you originally installed it.

Please review the sections below to determine how to update Bash on your server.


To check which version of Bash is installed, run the following

rpm -q bash

The version number should be greater than or equal than one of the

* CentOS 5: bash-3.2-33.el5_10.4
* CentOS 6: bash-4.1.2-15.el6_5.2
* CentOS 7: bash-4.2.45-5.el7_0.4

The important portion of the version number is the part beginning with “.elX_” where X is 5, 6, or 7. If you read the part after the “_” as a decimal number, it must be greater than or equal than the version listed. For example, for “.el6_” the number should be “5.2” or any higher number.

If your version does not match, please run the following command and ensure an update to the bash package is included:

yum -y update bash

If no update is available, please try the following commands, then repeat the command above:

yum clean metadata

Red Hat published the following advisories regarding this

* https://access.redhat.com/security/cve/CVE-2014-6271
* https://access.redhat.com/security/cve/CVE-2014-7169
* https://rhn.redhat.com/errata/RHSA-2014-1293.html
* https://rhn.redhat.com/errata/RHSA-2014-1306.html
* https://access.redhat.com/articles/1200223


To check which version of Bash is installed, run the following

dpkg -s bash | grep Version

The version number should be greater than or equal to 4.2+dfsg-0.1+deb7u3.

The notable part to look for is the “+deb7u3” at the end. If the last number is not 3 or higher, or the part after “+” is missing, you will need to upgrade. If your version does not match, please run the following command and ensure an update to the bash package is

apt-get update
apt-get install -y bash

Debian published the following advisory regarding this vulnerability:

* https://www.debian.org/security/2014/dsa-3032
* https://www.debian.org/security/2014/dsa-3035

09 Aug

How To Change SSH Port Of Linux Server

There are lot of brute force attacks over default service ports and hence it is highly recommended to change the default port as a first steps security measure. The default SSH port of Linux distros is 22. You can change this to something else by following below steps:


1) Login to the server via SSH as root:

ssh root@hostname/IP

where hostname/IP should be the host name / IP address to connect to the server.


2) We will need to edit sshd_config file and hence it is recommended that you backup original file before proceeding:

cp /etc/ssh/sshd_config /etc/ssh/sshd_config_backup


3) Open sshd_config in your favorite text editor (vim / nano):

vi /etc/ssh/sshd_config


nano /etc/ssh/sshd_config


4) Navigate to line containing text #Port (which is currently commended out with a # sign). Remove # and replace port 22 with your preferred new port # (eg. 2220).

#Port 22 should be replaced with

Port 2220 (without #)


5) Save your changes and close the sshd_config file


6) Important – If you have firewall running on the server, you will need to edit the rules and allow newly entered port # in firewall exception list. For default iptables, you can use below rule (for custom port 2220):
iptables -A INPUT -p tcp -m tcp –dport 2220 -j ACCEPT


7) Restart sshd service by running  /etc/init.d/sshd restart


04 Jul

Managed Hosting: Server Management and Monitoring Services

Over a period of time, many industries have spent huge amount of resources and money for managing their server onsite and offsite as there were near to no options available in the past for this. Thanks to evolving hosting industry, we now have quite a few options available which enable these industries to offload IT tasks to specialists without the need of maintaining / managing IT equipment onsite. This will help businesses to focus on their core area when their IT requirements are taken care of by experts.

Fully Managed hosting services typically include the server (VPS or Dedicated Server or Cloud Virtual Machines) along with management services bundled at one cost with one point of contact. It is important to note that not all hosting providers provide managed services since they need to have experts available on 24×7 basis to provide premium technical support and monitoring + managing the infrastructure efficiently. Hence, it is important parameter to consider while choosing a server provider along with understanding the fine print of management services provided by them (if any). We’re including few basic features of managed servers that you can look out for while shopping for best managed server hosting.

Managed Servers By Softsys Hosting

1) Initial Server Setup – Your server will be setup / provisioned as per your requirement including installing and configuring the operating system of your choice (Windows / *Nix) along with  specific roles and components (web server, mail server, database server, file server, DNS, etc).

2) Initial Server Hardening / security – This is actually a key component whereby you need to ensure that your server is secured and hardened by experts. This typically includes operating system security patches, TCP/IP hardening, securing your mail / database server to avoid spamming and intrusion, disabling dangerous scripts, etc.

3) Disaster Recovery Plan – Each server and setup is typically prone to fail / crash at some point in time during its life cycle due to various internal and external factors. Using enterprise class hardware along with having redundancy wherever possible (eg. RAID for storage) helps in minimizing the impact to a great extent. However, it is important to devise an efficient disaster recovery plan to recovery as soon as possible. Typically, this should have off server daily backups with sufficient amount of retention points so that you can restore from past backups as well in case the most recent one doesn’t work for any reason. We use R1Soft server backup solution for this purpose and it has been very solid and efficient over years.

4) 24×7 Monitoring of server – You will never like to have your customers or website visitors to let you know that your website / server is inaccessible. It is very important to ensure that your server and critical services are monitored on 24×7 basis so that you can be on top of the issue before noticed by end users. We use PRTG Monitoring System which monitors health and access of each managed server on 24×7 basis. In case of any issue, our 24×7 support team is notified by email and IM system so that they can immediately look into the issue (much before the owner of server is notified by their end users or customers).

5) Managed Operating System & Software Updates – We have known that there are various threats / security alerts that are published frequently. In order to protect your server, it is important to ensure that your operating system and software is kept up to date with latest releases and updates. Your prospective managed hosting provider should be handling this aspect as part of managed services.

6) Regular Server Security Audits – After securing the server initially (point 2), it is also important to perform a regular audit of server to address any new security alerts and/or review firewall settings, event logs, etc to ensure that there has been no loopholes / intrusions in the server.

7) 24×7 Available Expert Technical Support Team – Each website / server owner would like to ensure that their server and website is operating smoothly at all times (most importantly while they are on vacation or taking a break or during high sales season). In case of any issues, you need to ensure that you have easy and fast access to technical support team who can look into your issues and assist you to ensure smooth operations. Technical support team should be efficient enough to be able to diagnose the issue and fix it immediately. This is a very important factor of Managed services.


Since each web host will have different features / terms of managed services, it is very important that you understand the finer print of management services before falling for “Managed Server” as it is used for marketing by many hosts.

Softsys Hosting provides Fully Managed Windows VPS and Managed Dedicated Servers which covers all of the above features to provide 100% satisfaction to end users and businesses. We have helped businesses to lower their IT costs by several thousand dollars as they can now leverage our feature rich managed hosting services at very affordable costs against spending on in house resources and infrastructure.